Bartlett Trail Hike
Yesterday Phil and I took Finn and Sputnik for a hike up the Bartlett Trail in hopes of reaching the top of Greenhorn Mountain's south peak. We got a late start and didn't make our goal, but we still had a very nice time. 

The boys took turns carrying the 20 lb. pack. Each one carried it halfway up, and each one carried it halfway down. There were a lot of logs over the trail so there were many opportunities for them to learn how to negotiate obstacles with a pack on. Jump over? Crawl under? Go round? It was fun to watch their brains working to figure out the best route. 

This trail has amazing views of the eastern plains and of Rye and Colorado City spread out below us, including our own house. 

Phil was clever enough to remember the binoculars.

He took some photos through the lenses. I didn't think they'd come out. I'm such a doubter!

Close-up of our house: 

"Finn, get out of the view!" 

"No, I'm gorgous!" 
Hello Nanno and Phil
Good Pictures especial the long distance ones using the Binoculars as a Telephoto Lens.
As to Camera hog goats and horses I have the same problem.
Here get my best side or here get one of my nose. Don't I have a cute nose?? Smile
Looks like a good time was had by all.
hihobaron and the Troops in SC

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