New kid on the block
Hi All! I'm Sue from Nova Scotia.  I've been breeding miniature Nubian dairy goats for 6 years. I'm thinking about branching out and setting up a business doing guided day hikes with pack goats. I have lots of questions  ranging from land access to preventing dog attacks and everything in between. I hope  to learn  lots from your experience and expertise.
Welcome! I'm glad you found us and I wish you success in your guided packgoat hikes!
Thank you. I have lots to learn, so I'll be here often!
Your hovercraft is full of eels
Hello and Welcome
Feel free to look into what I post under the "Truck Chashing" goats thread as well as else were here.
I am new to Pack Goats too. But have worked with pack Horses/Mules for a few years.(38 +)
Had had a couple Barn /Pet goats that were just horse friends. Several Years ago.
You can Read about the "Stowaway Goats" is how I started and got interested in Pack Goats.
I am in South Carolina in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains USA /EST time Zone.
Goat breeds here: Alpine X Saanen (2) Wethers Nubian X Alpine (1) and Alpine X Nubian(1)
The first 2 in the list are still kids (Born in March) The last two Pete is 5 years old and usable, Sam still has some growing to do he is coming 2 years old. But is hitting the trails with me. Maybe carry a soft pack.
Happy Trails
hihobaron Blizzard,Fuzzy, Sam and Pete

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