Trouble uploading pics
I am sure this is operator errerBlush I have been wanting to upload some pics but can't figure out how. I have the pics and videos on my desktop and tried to copy and paste them into the box that appears after clicking on the image icon above. What am I doing wrong? Thanks! Kirk

I guess I should follow up with how would I add a video to the thread?
Are you getting an error message? How are you adding the images? Pictures can be uploaded to this site by attaching the files to your post. They can't be bigger than 500 kilobytes. You can't upload videos directly to this site--they're much too big. You have to post them to YouTube or Vimeo or some other video hosting site and then post the link here. Hope that helps.
Thanks Nanno, I finally figured out how to upload them first to photobucket, then copy and paste them in. Now I just need to monkey around and figure out the videos Smile

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