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Hello All
One of our planed Walkabouts this summer now that it is getting hot here.
Is a side of the road Park Called Wildcat Falls.
There is usually a good Tourist crowd there and it is a short trail were you can play in the spring fed stream water waterfalls. Walk under the water Falls. Trout stream BTY: There are 3 separate cascades. A Original CCC Pavilion site (Just a Pad Now)
Lower Falls with a nice wading area right close to road, next step 600 yards up hill another falls you can stand under.
Then end of trail at the third falls.  They closed off the trail to the top of that falls because in the last few years several "City Folk" have fallen off trying to climb it and died.
Question??? I do not expect to make my boy's get into the water (Goats Melt)
BUT: Do any of you know how /have experience with goats being close to the sound of a small water Falls??
I figure on going only up to the old CCC pad and second water fall (Good Camp Site) but not used.
This will be a on leash hike because of high way. Maybe after we get to second waterfall I'll turn them lose to eat weeds around that site..
Happy Trails
hihobaron Blizzard,Fuzzy,Pete and Sam
[Image: baby_goats_02.jpg]
CharlieHorse has it right. Goats don't care one bit about the sound of waterfalls.  

Not even really big ones. Pac-Man made me nervous when he ventured right out to the edge of this enormous falls. 

Some goats don't mind drinking right out of the falls. 

If they are smart and you don't baby them too much, most of them will eventually teach themselves to drink opportunistically, and older ones will show the younger ones how it's done. It's very nice having an older goat who is sensible about water to teach the kids not only about drinking from natural sources but also to show them it's safe to walk through. 
Hello All
Thanks for the Great Pictures All ,and info.
The Plan here for the Wildcat Falls Expedition is for mid-week less Tourist. From experience with the area weekends it gets a lot of road side traffic from the Blue Ridge  Parkway High Way SC11 here.
The Falls there are not as big as ya'll pictures Sad
Not going to say which mid-week, weather has to be cool and no rain forecast. I am under a flash flood watch right now because of this "Tropical" Storm coming up the coast of SC.
I can see Wildcat Falls being nasty in flood.
Might take Fuzzy and Blizzard up to Chestnut Ridge soon and see what they do with Pete and Sam as guides.
Pete and Sam both have started Bashing on them pretty good, especially when they are settled in around me in the shade.
I think it is both herd jealousy and that the new boy's are old enough to be getting buck ideas.
They are going to get banded this week.
Happy Trails
hihobaron Blizzard,Fuzzy,Pete and Sam

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