Packing Moose
How many boys would it take to pack a boned out bull moose? Well, more than I have, but I drew a moose permit, so my 1 packer will get a taste of the action.
Congrats on a very hard tag to draw! I have heard about 4 goats for an elk, I have no idea for a moose. probably 6-8? Share lots of pics. Which state? I am guessing Shiras in the lower 48
Yeah, idaho
Of course size matters but nebs has it right. 6-8 strong packers for an average moose. Might have to add as many as 4 more goats for a big bull. But its easy enough to figure out. If your goats are conditioned to pack say 40 lbs on easy terrain and you will be hunting like terrain, if you are packing out 400 lbs of meat, you will need 10 goats. Unless you can make two trips.
Pack Goat Prospects For Sale.

S.E. Washington (Benton City)
My husband has a North Idaho moose tag as well. Size of the animal, distance to travel, elevation gain, and heat all play a factor into how much weight you put on a goat. On a good cold day, with a down hill pack, not jumping logs, not far from the truck you can push the weight but you need to know what the max allowable for your goat is. Up hill out of a steep canyon climbing over logs in 75 degree weather you need to back off the weight, anticipate making several trips. It is basically the same theory I use to pack myself.
Did anyone punch there moose tags? Just curious.
No, but not for lack of trying. We did lots of great hiking. Saw several small bulls and cows. The goats packed a tipi, wood stove and all our gear for 5 days. It was up hill 3.5 miles. We hunted from the low lands after that to no avail. Really needed some snow but the weather was too nice.
I have done a double-take on the topic twice... With all the talk about banning goats from public land we may need to train mooses to pack. This would be a great benefit during hunting season. The moose could pack all your gear back to the parking lot before you shot him Wink

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