Day 2 with the "new to me" goat.
Well, the new young man seems to have acclimated t his new casa and surroundings a little bit over night. He ran to fence to greet me and it's pretty obvious he doesn't want to be in qua any longer. It's a small space because of limited fencing supplies. He will be on lots of acreage once the results come back. He got introduced to our German Shorthair Pointer and she sure gives him more respect than my young boys. Heading to the vet at 10. I feel it best to get the unfun activities out of the way now. 
I am glad he found you.
He looks good and with a mouth full of weeds he looks happy.
Good Job
Hihobaron Fuzzy,Pete and Sam
Sorry for the upsidedown pic.
By the end of day 2, he is associating
me with treats and walks.
Hello Dutch
Your picture of your new boy just proves goats can do anything. Smile
Good Luck, sounds like you have a good one there.
Happy Trails
hihobaron Fuzzy,Pete and Sam

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