Nepal * USA Project T-Shirts are available
Boy, I dunno.  I think its been a year since the shirt idea was first proposed and I agreed to do the art for it.  I admit I wasn't so quick to finish the art-- Its been a busy year!  And I think it took a while to get the shirts on a printing company (They're not printed by me like the NAPGA shirts).  But it turned out OK as local strife was making travel difficult.  Anyhow, they're here now!  Woohoo.  

So this is for a project to improve the goat genetics in Nepal using AI from American bucks. 

Here's a link to order a shirt:

A gofundme site for the project:

And the picture on the shirt:
[Image: nepal_shirt_final.jpg]
Charily Horse
Hello CH
I wish I could collect some seaman from here,to donate.
The problem is the pure Saanen bred buckling is not old enough to collect.
The Alpine X Bucklings from this year's kidding are going to market auction this coming Thursday as meat goats.
The only one I could save is Fuzzy, for a Pack Goat Prospect. You know what that means "Snip,Snip"
After all they do belong to a neighbor's herd. I like them all. They would all make good Pack goat prospects.
I am going to go to the auction and see what they go for. $$$ They are looking for $75 each.

I have collected stallions and done AI,on horses,frozen seamen, for collection, and "defrosted it for usage"
All in horses.
Goat breeding is a whole new world to me. Aside from kidding out the neighbors herd this spring, and as you know goats "Normally" do it themselves anyway Smile

Great Art work you have a talent.

Happy Trails
hihobaron Fuzzy,Pete and Sam

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