The Pawprint's Duo
Figure I'd start a pic/general stories thread about the two buggers I brought home.  

Both of them came from the same dairy farm and are Nubian x Alpine with a possible hint of Saanen. After a few weeks of keeping them, I have finally figured out what to name them. 

First off is Captain Ziggy Knightfury, otherwise known as Ziggy.  This little wether is such a momma's boy, sticks to me like glue and is slowly learning that the world won't come to an end if I leave his sight.  He was actually my first experience in goat birthing, and I was one of the first things he saw when coming out of mom.  With a little training, I think he will make a wonderful pack goat.  He has been pretty easy going when it comes to leash pressure and listening, he just needs more work getting used to grooming and being inspected.  He was actually my first experience in goat birthing, and I was one of the first things he saw when coming out of mom.    Ziggy was born on February 19th and at almost 3 months old approximately weighs 38lbs.

[Image: 13147601_10153728096691379_3376957699692431213_o.jpg]

And here we have Lady Penelope Firefly, or Penelope for short. She will be our future family milker and is taking well to handling.  She isn't as clingy as Ziggy, actually prefers the hubby more.  While she is calmer and easier to handle than Ziggy, she is also a little more independent and stubborn than he is so has no problem wandering off and doing her own thing.  She's still a cutie and those ears are quite hilarious to look at, especially when she's running.  Penelope was born around mid-March, so at about 2 months old she weighs approximately 26lbs.  

[Image: 13178573_10153728096681379_6588812574013...e=57A1C030]

For the most part I have been working on lead training and getting the dogs and goats to be calmer around each other.  Being that they are high prey driven breeds, I don't expect the dogs to be best buds with the goats, just want them to not be freaking out every time they see them.  They are slowly getting better as they learn that barking means the goats go away and being quiet means they can watch the goats through the fence.

[Image: 13230101_10153736586521379_8601864255528...e=57DF794E]

It does concern me a bit that the goats have no fear of screaming dogs, given that the many people seem to think that they are above the leash law I would rather they not think that dogs are harmless.   The goats will literally walk right up to the fence and graze by the dogs, or hang out by the basement steps next to the dog run and not even flinch when the dogs start barking.  At least they won't stay this small forever and will eventually be big enough to give most dogs a challenge should it come to that.  

Anyways, that's it for now.  Hoping to take them out for short hikes in the next week or so with the hubby, will post more pics and stories when we do.
They are so cute! I love Penelope's ears!

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