Hellos from NY
Have been stalking this forum for some time now and figure that I might as well introduce myself.  

I have been wanting goats for some time now, both to supply milk for the family and as a packing companion.  We often hike the woods with our dogs, but due to either small size or health issues (bad knees, bad hips) they really can't carry much between them.  After working on a goat dairy farm for a bit, I recently added a young wether and doeling to the family.  Has been almost a week since I brought them home and they are still acclimating to their new environment, but once they've settled in I plan to take them on many hikes. 

Don't have names for them yet, but here we are hanging out on a sunny day.  These two are such love bugs and practically stick to me like glue.

[Image: 13043397_10153697962606379_3308037896004...e=57A53421]

Anyways, thanks for having me and I can't wait to learn from all of you on this amazing forum Big Grin
Welcome to PackGoat Central! Your goats are beautiful (I love how that black and white one is lounging on the blanket there!). We hope you share lots of stories and photos of your adventures.

Whereabouts in NY are you from? I lived in western NY state (about an hour south of Buffalo) for a few years. It's a beautiful area.
Thanks for the welcomes Smile

I'm located on Long Island, closer to the east end. Hoping to move at some point in the near future to a more rural area, possibly VT or NH, as it's just getting too crowded here.

Both my kids are Alpine x Nubian, possibly with a little Saanen mixed in. It's amazing how different their personalities are, and I'll definitely be sharing more pics of them.
Hello PPL
Glad to Have you here
Feel free to look at the Truck Chasing Goats as a start of ideas.
I have worked in up state NY Saddlebred horse breeding.
I have some new pictures of what my 2 here have been up to. Plan to upload them later today.
As well as it looks like I will be adding a third kid born in March. Alpine X Saanen
MY current (2) Pete is 4-5 years old  Sam is coming 2.
BTY: the new boy already has a name "Fuzzy"
He is all white. Well the people milk and have all purebred Saanen all their does kidded bucklings. 8 of them.
They are blaming me for putting a jinx on there nanny's. :Smile Because I have Pack Goats and want bucklings. 
Being  X bred bucklings they are going to auction.
Happy Trails
hihobaron Pete and Sam
We need some name ideas.

Col. Custard
Duke Leto
Graham Cracker
(Rockin' The) Casbah
Dwayne Dibbley
So far the name list for the girl is Penelope, Serenity, Stardust, Titania, and River. For the boy is Nova, Copernicus, Hiccup, Squee, Duke, Doc, Captain Tightpants, Oberon, and Ziggy.
Alpine/Nubian crosses are the BEST!

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