Dark thirty
I have a question. I often will leave camp at 0300 and also get back long after dark. Is this a problem with goats? Will I need to plan my hunts to get back into the hunt area during daylight ? Thanks
Goats have better night vision than people and "Trail Memory" once they have been through a trail a couple times than GPS can do. For Information do not use high output lights. Use LED base lights. They don't spoil the goats night vision.
I use them with horses and the horses do not "Spook" when they get shined. Use a Red filter on a normal light to see the trail with and not spoil your night vision.
Happy Trails
Good Hunting
They do get more spooky at night. I have one that especially gets the creeps in forests at night, but seems fine in the desert or open areas.
I've noticed my goats are a bit "spookier" at night than during the day, unlike horses which tend to be calmer at night. If you take your goats out with you at night, I suggest using those glow-in-the-dark donut things on their collars so you can locate them easily. Charlie Horse uses them on his goats and I think they are really cool! Do you have a link where we could buy those things, Charlie Horse?
I take my Oberpackers out in the early morning dark when hunting and occasionally bring them back in the dark. They do fine. When going out hunting you don't want glowing things on goats. Returning to camp it maybe ok but then you have to carry them all day. I prefer small bells, a different tone for each goat.
Practice is a good thing. We walk around the neighborhood at dark especially in the short days of winter. It helps that my alpha is full of himself and is rather fearless, the other just follow his attitude.

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