The Equines in our Lives
Hello Nanno
Glad you got the Goat Camera set up and expecting Nanny's moved around.
Dose it have a video output so you can tape when you are away?
BTY: I have a Delilah here too.
She is a Saddlebred Mare though  Surpriem Air Daughter. SB
Has given me one nice filly (3 Years old now) SB X Frisian. Addie ( Adams Erotic Attitude)  
This summer she starts light work. She is the farm Diva. Smile In your face type.
She has been handled from birth ( Had to carry her out of field in a thunderstorm at 3 am) She is bonded/imprinted.


Delilah in Trail Tack


Are You Done Yet !!!!!

Happy Trails
LOL Addie's name. I always said if I got a stallion I'd name him Almond Joy.

Seeing your saddle bag reminds me of a problem my horse Mare-ilyn has. She's a trotter she feels things in the saddle bags go tap tap tap and figures I want to go fast. Oh? Faster? Ok. Faster still? Ok... I never really got rid of that behavior. I havent been riding in a while. I should work on fixing that hehe.
Hello Charlie Horse
RE: Saddle Bags
Try Saddle Horn Bags.
I have a set that carries two water bottles on one side and a bag on the other side with equal weight of Trail equipment.
Trail Equipment is "Tailored" to the job that needs to be done, or the basic standard load out is S@R first aid equipment including a compact shelter tent that is heat reflective, has a radar signature, waterproof, and makes a good visual marker if seen from the air, compass, Trail mix Snacks. Water Purification material. Fire Starting equipment.
A Basic Good hiking equipment set up.  But I let the horse carry the load. Smile
MY first real Goat Packs will be set up about the same way for day hikes.
I am to old to go faster,faster, Unless I have a very good Gaited Horse under me.
Have had a couple that were smooth as glass and a Gaited Mule that was good, but was like trying to catch a goatSad
Happy Trails
hihobaron and the Troops in South Carolina
Hello All
Addi tried to "Munch" on Sam today. He is wethered. No Stink
I think she was not planning on having a goat for lunch. No Damage done.
Years ago on a farm were they had a billy Goat and a Nanny one of my horses killed the billy (His Stink probably)??
Horses never bothered the Nanny. Even though she would jump into the hay manger and eat their grain and hay.
Addi is young just three and not sure about the goats I have brought into the "Clan" here.
My old (RIP) Nubian Ollie ran with both the horses and my doberman's with no problems, except when I took the dog's for a supply run to town and left him at the barn. Talk about a SCREAMING GOAT you could hear him a 1/2 mile out.

Enjoy the picture

.jpg   Addy biting Sam.jpg (Size: 60.9 KB / Downloads: 18)

Happy Trails from the Troops in South Carolina

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