The Equines in our Lives
Hello Nanno
Here are some Pictures of the Jet we have here.
Welch Cob X Pony Pony Club 20 years old and still full of himself.
He is what I call a Steel dust Grey.

He is smart and friendly.
This is how he cools of here when it is hot.

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Hello Nanno
Here are other friends of mine, that I worked with at one time.
Don't like them but can work with them.

Happy Trails

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Hello Nanno and All
Here are some more horses in my life pictures.
Enjoy as you will see my horses are are as bad as my goats in the suck up category given the chance.
Trader is vane about his looks.
This is his Dressed for Town Picture

Can I come in

Lets ride,what are you waiting on

I think I have some re-training on Polar to do.

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Polar has some other skills like being a good Grill Cook. Smile

Happy Trails
hihobaron and the South Carolina Troops
Trader is entitled to be vain! He's gorgeous!

Jet is also vain and when we first moved here he would spend a lot of time in front of our picture windows before I fenced the horses away from the house. Jet fancies himself an artist and he even painted a self-portrait on the window.   

Medium: slobber on glass.
Hello Nanno
You have Talent there Smile
Good looking boy too.
But can he cook?
Yes, Trader has been known snot up my windows here to.
Try sleeping in a tent with him Snoring beside you. Been there done that. Goats have to be much more quite sleepers.
Well not tent but a big tarp strung up between trees.

Happy Trails
hihobaron and the South Carolina Troops

.jpg   Preppercamp BOV 5.JPG (Size: 58.6 KB / Downloads: 78)

Trader on Presentation duty at Prepper Camp September 2015, with a "Volunteer" Young lady in charge of control.
Not seen is the 75 person crowd on the other side of the fence.
Hello All
Here is a Picture for you Nanno
Rubin (As in the sandwich)
Russian Shagay Arabian Stallion I had the "Privilege" to work with while in California. Arab Endurance Horse.
Even if he was a grey I liked him and he was always a gentleman and Super Trail Horse.
When I left CA he was #2 Endurance horse in the USA. He was a "GREAT" ride in conditions that would make a goat think twice. Smile
A Great Horse no matter what the color.
Note: The hay feeder on the fence, I made those from 55 gallon plastic barrels to keep hay from being wasted and sand out of the horses guts. A smaller version might work for goats???? Hay there was $28 a bale.
Happy Trails
hihobaron and the Troops in SC.
P.S: ST. Patty's Day tomorrow, Is Cozco going to Party? Smile
I am thinking I might have a Green goat to go hiking with??????

.jpg   Ruben Hay Feeder 006.JPG (Size: 65.62 KB / Downloads: 63)
Ruben looks a lot like Jet! I can't imagine paying $28/bale for hay, especially in a place where they didn't have pasture to supplement. I'm fortunate to live in a place where two horses only need about 80 bales/year to get us through a few months of winter.
Hello Nanno
RE: Price of hay and no Pasture. CA
I learned about Beet Pulp from White Horse Endurance Ranch in Redlands CA..
It has the bulk and nutrients to be a hay substitute at up to 65 percent of a horses diet.
Keeps moisture in the gut. Look in the background Southern CA and dry.
Soak the BP as part of their water intake, a flake of good alfa hay twice a day and Nutria Senior for lunch.
Rubin was worked in hard country 3 times a week with a day off between workouts when I would just trail ride him on his day off in rough country.
My experience and info says that with a horse fed with BP (hydrated) can be up to 65 percent of a horses diet.
I have used it since then to "Extend" my hay supply(when needed) as well as with "Complete Pelleted feeds to keep a "Greedy" horse from "Choking" by eating a dry complete pelleted feed to fast.
Hydrate the BP mix in the Pelleted feed and in my current case DE for parasite control / fly control and the horses suck it with gusto and never choke.

I would think Working Goats would do well under HOT conditions with a BP mash too.????
BP "Shreds " is what I use all the time, about 10 minutes to hydrate (Stream/Lake water is fine) and feed.
Shreds are light weight when dry. Might be something to consider worth packing for that "End of a long day" treat for the goats. Or Midday break in HOT weather??? Just something to think about????
Enjoy the Pictures of Trader and Max

.jpg   Al Max and Trader 2.JPG (Size: 77.94 KB / Downloads: 46)

See I have Critters that make faces at the camera too. Redlands CA , S&R patrol

.jpg   Al Max and Trader WHR.JPG (Size: 84.84 KB / Downloads: 46)

See they can behave too Smile

Happy Trails

hihobaron Trader and Max
Hello All
Enjoy this picture of Polar Power
Ran out of gas in the tractor and had to use "Real" horsepower to move it to were my fuel is stored.
For all you goat drivers out there try driving a 800# horse and steering a tractor at the same time. Smile

.jpg   Pilar Power.JPG (Size: 66.98 KB / Downloads: 35)

Note to Self:  Watch out for "Exhaust from Polar Power"

Happy Trails
hihobaron and the Troops in South Carolina
HA! That's hilarious!

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