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I don't wish misfortune on anyone, but I went over to the Goat Spot and there's not much going on there packgoat wise. I am so glad that this forum has taken off and being used. Seems that we were just a business deal. Thanks Nanno for taking this on and making this a real community.
All I want for Christmas is a new hip.
I second that, thank you so much for all you've doneExclamation
I have lessened a lot of my posting there. Got a ban threat from Stacy (admin). To which I replied "You might as well do it cause Ill continue to post with the same humor, knowledge and arrogance that I always have."

That and the whole McDonalds thread was enough to make me find my entertainment elsewhere Smile
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Thanks guys. I feel bad because I was supposed to put a lot more information articles up by now, but I got sidetracked by goat drama during the 2-3 weeks when I had the most "down" time to do it. Since then I've been caught up in other "life" things. Hopefully I get some free time soon!

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