LaMancha Project! (Arts and Crafts)
And the Rendy back in June, Phil bid on a little goat and cart statue that had been donated to the auction. We took pity on it because the poor goat's ears and horns were broken and it looked a little sad, but it was still very unique. I have a friend who raises LaManchas and I thought with a little work it could make a cute gift for her. 

The first thing to do was to remove the horn and ear stumps. I sawed them off and filed the head smooth where they had been, doing a bit of amateur sculpting to make the head look right (if a LaMancha's head can look "right"). ;P

I then repainted the whole thing. The goat started off as a nondescript grayish tan with a muted red harness and cart. My friend breeds predominantly black-and-white goats and her farm color is lime green, so I went with that theme. The most tedious part was adding her farm name, "Snow-Kissed Dairy Goats" to the goat's blanket. It's hard to paint letters that small! 

You may have wondered what those pegs on the cart are for. Those are my invention, added by drilling holes in the bottom of the cart and gluing some toothpicks in place. It allows the cart to hold business cards!  
I want one!!!!!  You did a fantastic job re-creating it!  I love the business card idea.  AND - the LaMancha personality way more than makes up for the lack of external ears!   Tongue
Goatberries Happen!
Looks Great
Real Talent
Don't know much about Lamanch's except they don't have much of a external ear structure. Disposition I would like to know more about.  Wink
I guess that makes them safe from the Elf Goat Nappers for Christmas. No airplane Wing Ears.  Big Grin

I am farm sitting 7 Saninen (sp) doelings and a couple milkers. As well as a mix of other critters. Including 3 LGD's , 2 Blue Healers, Chickens, and a Welch Pony that I acquired for them a while ago. He is a Retired Pony Club Show Horse. Very Nice but SMART.
The LGD's Great Perinies , have decided I am ok, now they "FLOP" in front of me for a belly scratch, or follow at a "Perfect Heel" just looking for a good pat.
They blend in as they are all white and so are the goats. TGFSF I don't have to milk the does they are bred back and dry right now.
Looking forward to helping kid them out.  Big Grin  
Happy Trails

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