Truck chasing goats
Hello All
Another Chapter in the Truck Chasing Goat File.
July 16 2016
It has been hot here in the foothills of the Blueridge Mountains.
90+ and no wind because of our camp location in a gully with lots of wood lot around us,
I normally wake up about dawn, (To many years of having to take care of critters and then go to work day job.
Not a bad habit so I have not though about trying to break it.
It is the nice quite part of the day for me to go feed and talk to the critters,
Anyhow with the heat on now here Just after dawn I go to the goat shed with feed turn the boy's out and then go to the outside feed pans and dump feed in them, Creating a Riot. like feeding Sharks. Smile
Then come back to camp handle e-mail,etc. Been putting the boy's back in shed by the time it gets hot.
They have shade and a good fan to cool with.
Moving on:
Today Susan had to leave before I put the boys up. (Because of heat)
Well, they had finished their feed and went into the brush to browse, not in sight.
Ok we figured. I went back inside to work with the computer, She could "Sneek" out.
Well, the best plans of people versus goat often go astray.Smile
Well about 5 minutes later I got a phone call from her, Goats are on main drive all 4 galloping behind the truck.
Ok, Stop, turn around, come back to camp with them, they chased  the truck back to camp at a gallop.
They were panting hard they had a good mile or better run out and back to camp.
Needless to say they were happy to get into there shed and get put up.

Happy Trails
hihobaron Blizzard, Fuzzy, Pete, Sam and the Troops in SC.
Hello all
The Truck Chasing Chasing Goats Saga continues.
With a Twist.
They can include "Realtor" Chasing in their resume now. Smile
The property next to me has been for sale for some time. Hard to get into and the goat boys free range there. Smile
Realtor normally uses my driveway to bring people in to walk the other property.
She is good about calling up and letting me know what time (about) she is going to be here.
As they come in through were my horses are and now the goats back here at BC1 I usually have to escort them.
This time she came on property well after time frame, got her clients out and asked for me to guide them around the other property that I know well from both walking goats and riding horses in. Smile
Well about that time all 4 boy's came charging down out of the brush, Mugged the Realtor and client. Milled around wanting to go walkabout. As if they had not been walk about all morning.
OK I had to be Safari Guide: It is 9 acres of brush easy to get turned around in.
So we went walkabout, left some pellet in the boys out side feed pans Hoping I could get far enough they would not chase us down. Well it was not long till I heard galloping trotters behind us. All 4 came charging into the tour group. (Politely) slowed and joined upSmile Shifted around nosing the City Folk but stuck like glue to the party.
The Female Realtor was nice smelling Pete and Sam kept licking on her. Smile
At least they came dressed  in jeans and good boots for walking.
We walked the property with goat escort.
I did explain about Pack GoatsSmile being Bonded to people. Client had fun, Realtor did not as I had lead and every time we stopped to talk Pete and Sam would Mug her.  Lick her any way they could.
No Butting or bad behavior I would have stopped that FAST.
So besides being Truck Chasing Goats they are now Realtor Chasing Goats. Smile

Happy Trails
Goats Pick the people they like and want to be around
hihobaron Blizzard, Fuzzy, Pete,Sam and the Troops from South Carolina
Truck Chasing Been at it  again.
Hello All
The Goat Boys were very bad today.
After being penned up for a couple days due to Hot Weather and then heavy T Storms, I let them out today.
Fed them outside and figured they would stick around in the brush as normal.
Well they went walk about out of range in 1/2 hour. They must have had a good day, had a TXT message they had been seen in somebody's yard. So I took the truck out to look around. No Goats.
Susan was off to town so I called her to keep an eye open on the way back to camp.
OK she got to camp sooner than I did, Pulled in and parked my truck.
Sure enough, all 4 came trotting out of the woods from behind her truck.
Darn Goats had been waiting in the woods above camp for the sound of her truck before coming into camp
Goat boys got put on high line for that trick. Smile
Then a good thunder storm rolled in short heavy rain so the boys got a good bath they did not like and they did not melt. When I went to take them back to shed I turned them loose and they made a run for the shed and stayed there till I locked things up.
Hello All
Today was not nice.
Temp in the 90's humidity at 98% heat factor figure at 105 degrees.
Let the goat boy's out as soon a there was light to shoot by.
Fed them and let them browse for 2-3 hours around camp.
Then it started heating up bad,. Ok fine time to find some shade.
The old logging road section were they have been high lined is cleared but they still have good shade.
Had other work to do so left them tied. Got back just ahead of a rain storm.
They all got good and wet. But did not melt.Smile
Tomorrow I have a town run and will figure out things needed for individual picket pins that  way I can stake them rather than have to find good points for a high line. Move the stakes as needed to let them browse out brush
No more bad weather predicted for tonight, so I am being a bad goat daddy and leaving them out all night.
On the High Line, Call it practise for a camping trip. Smile
hihobaron Blizzard,Fuzzy.Pete, Sam and the Troops in SC
Hello All
The boys have been at it again.
I have a new neighbor.
There is a small house down in a holler below BC1 (Rental Property)
Last Renters had 2 aggressive dogs they would let run(Husky and then a young Dobby) 2-3 AM when she got off work.
Then they moved out, TGFSF
New people are in , Older couple.
No Pets, and with farm back ground.
I have stopped to talk to them on the way up to the barn a couple times.
Been keeping the boys after feeding on the high line so they did not go "Visiting"
Pete and Sam are bad about that.
They see people and have to check them out.
Moving on:
This morning I decided to leave the boys loose while I went to horse barn to set up feed.
I feed a wet Beet Pulp Mash with DE and then after the BP soaks add the low carb pellets and feed outside
WELL about the time I got done fixing the mash, here come Pete and Sam to snoop around the barn.
No Problem, Closed the feed room door and headed back to BC1 Goats in trail.
I usually give the BP a while to soak.
New Neighbor had his truck down in back yard of house unloading stuff to a old chicken coop they are going to use for storage. So I walked down for a talk about things. Get to know you type thing.
Well we were having a good jawbone session, ( Over the fence) type thing Smile Just Getting to know the Neighbors.
Turns out his family had goats when he was young (Farm goats)
Well about that time Pete and Sam figured out (From voice tracking they have) Smile Were I was and came down to visit. They are not shy about checking "New" people out.
Well, then the White Boys put in their appearance.
Yes, I do have a "Segregated"  herd structure here the Colored Boys and the White Boys.
All do look to me, but the Colored boys rule or try to, what the white boys do,were they go etc.
Anyway Pete and Sam were happy to hang out and eat weeds.while I gossiped.
They must have got their belly full and came over to be social again.
White boys were still working the weeds within view no problems there.
Pete and Sam started giving me the "Look" TRUCK BED let's get in and check it out.
Yes, the tail gate was down and I was sitting on the edge of it talking.
Well, Sam from a standing position jumped into truck bed proceed to sniff it out then Pete not to be  out done did the same. Pete and Sam "Approved" the truck and then got down and went back to work on the weeds.
The new neighbor was laughing his head off.
"I have never seen goats do that" He was not upset his comment was "It's a work truck" goats can not hurt it"
So then I told him what Pete and Sam are being trained for "Pack Goats" he was "Interested" 
Never heard about that.
I did mention to him that if you leave a car door open and goats are lose you may have to unload a goat the boys are bad about jumping in a open door. He grinned about that. Said OK I'll keep that in mind.
I also had a pistol on my belt 45 LC Revolver, not for the neighbor but because yesterday I saw a scabby looking fox or coyote at mid-day in the pasture with my horses. Not a "Normal" time to see them here.
Thinking "Rabies" critters are vaccinated but still it is a "Shoot First" and be safe situation.
Told neighbor about it,His response "I've got a good 12 Gage shotgun" He is RET-Military so he had no problems with seeing me with a pistol. Yes , we had a good gun talk too. Smile
Happy Trails

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