Truck chasing goats
Hello All
I ran into a small problem today.
My boys will follow my truck up to the horse barn when I feed horses.
They Get their feed in camp first and I "sneek" off with truck.
Has worked ok so far.
This Morning I was delayed, I got a phone call and boys had finished their grain and were hanging out watching the truck.
So I put Pete on his tether, as usually if I need them to stay in camp Sam will "Normally" stay with him.
Any way I drove up to barn and got horse feed ready and here comes SAM  by himself up the driveway.
I think ok fine he just is chasing the truck without Pete.
He will be ok as long as he is with me, and he was.
Well , shortly here comes Pete Galloping up the road with his tether dragging. Blatting his head off.
He comes up to Sam a young goat and buts him hard, as if to say "Take That for running off on me."
I took the tether off and he had chewed through 3/8" Dacron climbing rope. !!!!!
So they went and Kabitzed with the horses while I fed.
Time to go back to camp, I called them ,Started truck and headed back to camp after 30 seconds checked rear view mirror and they are both galloping to catch the truck. 
Yes, they got a couple treats for coming back to camp.
Happy Trails

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That's so funny! Amazing what goats can chew through (and how fast they can chew it!) when they really want to get away. I've found that it's safer to tether with chain than with rope if I have any doubts about my goats' contentment with their situation! While it is sometimes annoying and even destructive, it sure feels nice on the self-esteem to be so loved and needed when your goat goes to great lengths to be with you. Big Grin
Hello Nanno and all.
The Truck chasing goats were at it again yesterday.
Had to take truck out in field to patch and add another strand of electric wire low down. Some of their Cousins (Deer) took down my top hot wire.
One of the horses (My 2 year old Frezian) figured out she can nose under the fence,keep low enough not to hit the hot wire and have nice grass to eat all by herself. BRAT Smile
Fortunately I do not have a traffic hazard situation here, 3/4 mile from any public road the mailman is the only wild driver that comes up this way, There are water diversion humps (Look Like Speed Bumps) in the road that come into property, He hits them with his little truck and I swear there are times he gets air over them.

Back on track:
Anyway loaded truck with fence stuff drove down to field with goat escort.
I have to get some video.
NANNO Question to YOU: Can I upload direct video to the site like from a cell phone or have to put it up on You Tube and then link to it ???
Pulled truck into field and started working on fence, goat boy's are in Heaven field has not been grazed in a month or better.
But as I work on fence they stick within 50 feet of truck and me. I could see them looking around keeping track of me.
I started stringing wire and walking away from them laying out wire and they moved with me "But not in the way" Smile
It got to the point (Lunch time) were I drove back to camp for a snack, goats chased truck again. Arrive in camp fix myself a sandwich and milk.
Goat boys wanted some too, but I don't share. Did give then a couple 8 0z. cans of Goat sweet feed for their lunch break.
After all they had been working hard eating pasture weeds "Right"? Smile
Lunch over we drive back to field the chase is on again, settle in to work some more ,Me on fence goat boys on weeds.
I finished my job and loaded up and headed back to camp, goat boys got another run down the road to camp. Then we all settled in to rest up for dinner, Me with a beverage goat boys settled down to chew their cud more or less at my feet.
So the truck chasing goats had a good workout and provided entertainment for me while doing the "Boring" job of working on fence.
Happy Trails
You can't upload video directly to the forums. You have to put it on a video hosting site such as YouTube or Vimeo.
Hello All
Scouting Report:
I decided to do a scouting trip to Paris Mountain State Park here in South Carolina today 01/20/2016
Just took the truck no Goats except this old one at the keyboard.
Just wanted to do a drive thru check the parking areas and trail heads.
This is a good time of year here for us because the underbrush is mostly dead and down so you can see into the terrain the trails go through.
It is just short trails and up and down for the most part. The Park surrounds a Monodock of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Trails are very well kept and well used from the look of the tracks by both Mountain Bikers and foot traffic.
I drove through the park and checked out the parking areas at the trail heads and road crossings. Except were there were shelter buildings/Pavilions actual Trail head Parking would only be good for 4-5 cars. No way to take a truck and stock trailer in and park. Let alone leave it there for a weekend camping trip back to North Lake.
It is a bunch of short sometimes Steep Trails, running streams some are bridged some you would have to rock hop or wade through. A good combination for training goats.
Looking forward to Spreading Lots of Pack Goat Fever among "City Folk" here when the weather gets better.
We had Snow Flurries and a Damp Cold wind here. Perfect weather for hypothermia if you don't dress for it.
There are pictures of the park on the South Carolina State Parks web side and then select Paris Mountain and look around.
It should be fun to let the Goat Boy's mess with city folk.
Then after few walk around trips for the boy's I will start putting some soft packs on them.
Happy Trails
Here is the latest Installment of the Truck Chasing Goats Story

The Truck Caught them!!!!

Hello All 
Today was the Maiden Voyage of the Goat Boy's and the Goat Tote. 
Loaded the tote in the truck and put a couple handfuls of feed in. Both boy's jumped right in.
Closed the door and tailgate ,drove off up the road. Went up to friends place parked and went into help with some "Shop" arranging left boy's in Goat Tote for a hour. They just settled down, and relaxed.
[Image: nrmsng8b7uxwsm3lchrl.jpg]
Let's Roll
[Image: gop6779ixcvadvvg8rbs.jpg]
Road Trip Ready
Happy Trails
"On the road again"
hihobaron Pete and Sam 
Hello All

Hello All

The Goat boy’s had a rough couple days.
Guarding the Generator , Traveling, eating brush, etc.
So at the end of the day they were tuckered out.
We gathered together for a After Action Conference around the Campfire.
It must have been boring,  or my topics put the boy’s to sleep.
So much for the attention span of goats.
Happy Trails
hihobaron Pete and Sam

[Image: tyaokasvfodcshmmxibc.jpg]

.jpg   Goat Trails Chestnut Ridge.JPG (Size: 80.81 KB / Downloads: 113) Hello All

Well Now that the Goat Tote and the boys have approved the ride. 
The next time will be into the wild with the boys for a day hike At Chestnut Ridge.
No packs just a walk about and a couple nice bridges to cross. 
Note: No side rails on bridges, but good sturdy plank decks.
Here are a couple pictures from the walkabout on the trail a week ago.
This is the kind of country we have to deal with here in the east.
Happy Trails
hihobaron Pete and Sam

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Pretty. Reminds me of the trails we used to hike in western NY state, just north of the PA border. Beautiful forests but very muddy for lots of the year!
Hello Nanno
Worked in upstate NY myself BFG (Before Goats) Clay NY Smile
Saddlebred Farm Breeding Manager.
Now here in SC in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, rain/water runs off fast. and ground is sandy,clay,rocky.
Even after heavy rain a day or so and trails are good. BTY: There is Placer gold here, if you work the right areas. Smile
A little history on the Chestnut Ridge area. In WW2 it was a bombing and Strafing range for training.
As were a few other sites close by to me here.
Yes, I still have a couple gold pans from my stay in California that the goat boys might have to pack. Smile
Anything else I may come across there I will just call the local EOD people for.
There is still a Reward here for finding "Expended" munitions.
Happy Trails
hihobaron Pete and Sam

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