Truck chasing goats
Hello All

Pete and Sam have taken on the County Sheriff Department

RE: I had a Greenville County Sheriff out here today.
It was a friendly visit. Smile
BUT: Sam would not let him out of car, till I walked up and told Sam OK let him out.
The Officer was impressed with the training and protectiveness of Sam and he did not see that Pete was coming in as "Back Up"
I did call off the But Head Swat Team.
Then we all had a good 20-30 minute chat, the goat boy's even went up and got a pat and scratch then tried to get in his car. Smile Truth, He left the door open....
We stopped them. 
Officer was having a good time.
His Original Mission was to see were Caleb Drive went in case of a call to the area.
He Covers 30 Square Miles of the North area of Greenville County by himself.
We exchanged contact info and I told him if he needs "Backup" close by call me.
He liked that idea. He also mentioned that "Response time" in this area is 20-25 minutes. 
My comment, Just right all you will have to do is take care of the paper work for the body.
He did Smile at that and said fine.
[Image: qrqqrazhb6wrwdvtjwfi.jpg]
Sam Holds Sheriff in car.
[Image: dvksezkiistpnbl3cddh.jpg]
Ok he is a Good Guy, Call Off the But Head Swat Team.
Happy Trails
hihobaron Fuzzy,Pete and Sam
Hello All
Hope Ya'll are ready for the Next Chapter with the new member of the Cast here at BC1
Truck Chasing Goats.
Well, from being a unhandled dam raised buckling, acquired a week ago, Alpine X Saanen born March 6 and a big boy.
He got fit shortly after arrival with his collar in farm colors. Yes a hand me down because Sam's was to tight and Sam got a new collar. But it fits Fuzzy good and he has room to grow into it for a while.Smile
He has been dragging a long lead around for a week and running with my big boy's showing him the best brush to eat around. Yes, there have been some tussles, but that was expected.
He has even decided my nap time is a good time to come in and settle and chew the cud with Pete and Sam, call it "Socialization time. Usually next to me or in my outdoor chair. When I am not in it.!!!!
Moving On:
Today's Event:I took the long lead off Fuzzy and let him run all day with the Big Boy's he has been running with them in the brush for a few days and is "Smart" enough to not tangle himself up in the brush or get the long lead tangled around something. He has learned in short order to stick with the Big boy's and to come in when I call Pete and Sam.
Yes, there is always a treat for them when they come in. "Bribery" works Smile
Took our normal walk about to feed horses with all 3 goats, Fuzzy did well with no lead,stuck with us and even went into pasture and Pete and Sam showed him how to "Steal" food from the horses outside feed pans. Brat Goats. Smile
He is Coming up to me for a scratch and pet now were when I brought him in he was a squirm bad kid.

He will go along on our next Expedition to Chestnut Ridge Preserve, All I have to do is figure out how to haul Fuzzy, Pete,Sam 2 people, and my Trail Dog Max. The Goat Tote is only good for Pete and Sam.

.jpg   Fuzzy walking the line or tree trunk.jpg (Size: 75.85 KB / Downloads: 73)

There is not enough room to park a truck and trailer at CHR.

Happy Trails 
hihobaron and the Troops in south Carolina
Hello HHB, enjoying your tails from the trails. Pete and Sam are growing up fast! And Fuzzy is a little (for now) cutie.

I have a Dog Dazer and I have tested it on dogs (of course) goats, horses and cats. The dogs and cats scarper when they hear it but none of my goats react.
Happiness is a baby goat snoring in your lap
DownUnder Gal

Hello DUG
RE: Dog Dazer
I can see why you would have to go to the Gog Dazer (Gun Laws) especially Pistols.
I like the way my Air Soft Pistol works better than what I read about Dog Dazzer. But you use what you have. Smile
Gun Question for You???
I have a friend in Canada (Restrictive Gun Laws too) He says that even air rifles are restricted to producing no more than 300 FPS (Feet Per Second) on the BB/Pellet they shoot.
The Air Soft Pistols I use and carry (Only one at a time) shoot with 350-400 FPS with a 5 gram .20 plastic pellet.
What kind of restrictions do you have on Air Guns down under?

Happy Trails
hihobaron Fuzzy,Pete and Sam
Hey HHB, I'm afraid I have no idea about restrictions specifically on air guns here. You need a licence to have one is all I know. Not many people I know have a gun full stop, owing to the overall restrictions here since the massacre at Port Arthur here almost 20 years ago to the day. You pretty much need to be a farmer with a demonstrated need to own a gun (e.g. for livestock/pest purposes), a member of the armed forces or a member of a proper gun club. Very different to the US.
Happiness is a baby goat snoring in your lap
Hello DUG
Thanks for the info on guns law there.
I figured your laws were very restrictive.
You ever get a chance to visit here I'll get you out to do some shooting for fun.
Happy Trails
hihobaron Fuzzy, Pet and Sam
Hello All
Update on the Truck Chasing goats +2
Fuzzy and No-Name (Still need some help there with a name)
I have been spending time with them just hanging out with Pete and Sam being "Mentors" Smile
Fuzzy has had enough time to learn the way things work here before No-Name came on board.
Now they have to integrate into the herd.
As young bucks with horns they have been trying to push the Old boy's around. (Normal) They got told off.
As afternoon came around  "Nap Time" for me. They all came in at call and settled down around me to listen to a audio book with me. They like Prepper Radio too. They will hang out as long as I keep still, the old boy's in a pile on one side of my chair the new boy's in a pile on the other side. So the new boy's are learning to gather up around me. We took a couple 1/2 mile walks with all 4 goats in escort up to the horse barn. The new boy is getting the idea of trailing along with me Fuzzy,Pete and Sam. No-name is on a drag rope but learning fast about collar manners.
Happy Trails
hihobaron and the Troops in South Carolina
To All

Well Not a Real Truck Chasing story but all of us boy's here got chased today by a Nanny Goat. Friendly one.Smile

I "Almost" had a Nanny Goat today. Sannen Doe.

Older, nice and big but "DRY" No kid.

We were out on "Walkabout" training the new boy's how to be pack goats.

I turned around to check the trail string and had 5 goats instead of the 4 I started with.

WHAT THE HELL !!! Was my first though.

OK, I had a good idea were she came from, so I had no problem with her trailing along with the troops.

She is friendly and I did care for their whole herd for close to a month, so she knew me.

Well I was a good neighbor caught her, not hard thing to do. Tied her up at BC1

Hand full of feed and she was on a lead. The boy's were pissed off that the "NEW" girl got a treat and they had to wait for their treat for the walk about.

Made a phone call. Owners were 1/2 way to Maryland could not figure out how she would have got out, She has NOT been a problem Goat "Escape Artist" before.

They asked me to check the rest of the herd make sure they were still in. OK .

Took another "Walkabout " with no goats this time and a couple leads "In case"

No fence down, no other goats out, the head count was good.

Put her back in with the herd. So I lost a nice Nanny goat Sad

Oh well

Happy Trails

At least they can't add Goat Thief to my rap sheet. Smile

hihobaron and the Troops in south Carolina
Hello All
The Truck Chasing Goats Story continues.
# 1 the New Boy Now has a Name, "Blizzard" Being all white it fits.Smile
So I now have to rearrange our sign off list  by alphabetical order.
I know I am going to get complaints from the Goat Union about I should do it by "Seniority"
So we now have Blizzard,Fuzzy,Pete and Sam. Smile
If they want to strike about the order there is always Freezer Camp.
The two new boy's look so much alike (there is a little size difference)
I have to mark Blizzard's horns to tell at a glance with a Magic marker.
To Phil: NO BIG ORANGE X on their sides!!!!!!  Big Grin
BUT: When they get older I can see using them at Birthday Parties as a canvas for kids to finger paint on.  Idea 
I have done that with horses too, Nanno Jet being grey would work good as a Canvas too  Big Grin
Your "Colored"  goats would not work as well. Rolleyes

#2 The Old boy's here are already teaching the Young Bucks to Chase the truck.
I went to feed the horses tonight, NO Goats Around, OK fine, knew they were close by eating brush.
I started the truck and headed for the horse barn, looked in the rear view mirror and have all 4 goats in trail running like heck to catch up.
So I set up horse feed to soak with help.
Then walked back to BC1 with 4 goats in trail. Gave them some hay and a little goat feed in the Goat Shed to bring all in.
Then ducked out locked the gate and walked back up to the horse barn to finish feeding.
Drove truck back to camp, let goats out and had a nice sit down outside with the boy's on the deck while they chewed the cud. Even the young bucks settled down and we were one big happy family.
Pictures to follow. (Have to use a different computer)
Happy Trails
hihobaron, Blizzard,Fuzzy,Pete and Sam
Hello All
After a hard day the Truck Chasing Goats new recruits had to make themselves comfortable.  

.jpg   Just laying around.JPG (Size: 49.53 KB / Downloads: 54)

Then there is always the kid that wants to be into everything.

.jpg   Can I drive.JPG (Size: 70.93 KB / Downloads: 54)
Can I drive??

.jpg   Get off the Mechainal Weed Eating Beast.JPG (Size: 72.72 KB / Downloads: 53)
Get off that weed eating monster

.jpg   You had to get KIDS.JPG (Size: 68.92 KB / Downloads: 53)
You HAD to get kids ???

.jpg   Goats Laying around.JPG (Size: 53.59 KB / Downloads: 52)
Everybody can get along

Happy Trails 
hihobaron Blizzard,Fuzzy,Pete and Sam

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