Truck chasing goats
Beautiful countryside. Rain - what's that? Wish we had some!
Happiness is a baby goat snoring in your lap
Hello DownUnder Gal
Come on up and set a spell here in South Carolina, I am in the Upstate area at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
I can even find a brumby (sp) or 2 to go walk about with for you.
Or a couple very "Spoiled Rotten" goat boys. Smile
I have traveled all over the USA,Canada,Mexico. The other places that were hot and dry I don't care to talk about.
New Zealand/Australia are the only other counties I would like to visit that are in my "Bucket" List. Smile
BTY: I do use a Ausy Saddle from time to time. Have had a good one for years. Western is better but for a change up and certain types of work I like my Ausy.
Happy Trails
Get Wet
hihobaron and the Troops from SC
Hello All

Here is the continuing story of the Truck Chasing Goats.

Today was "THE" day to go for a trail walkabout and truck ride in the Goat Tote away from BC1.

Target Site: Chestnut Ridge Preserve.

As mentioned in other post the boy's like jumping into the Goat Tote.

Loading was up was fine. Transport was fine.

Unload at CRP fine, there were a few people and dogs there that wanted to know "GOATS" what are you doing. ???
Told them "Pack Goats" in training. Response "What is that"  good conversation point.

Answered several questions  like  "You walk them on a leash?"  yes and let them off and they stay with me.

A few comments from dog people  "Our Dogs would be gone in a minute"
My response:  Goats have better manners than most dogs/dog people.   Big Grin

Moving on to fun stuff:

.jpg   Is this the wild woods.JPG (Size: 32.52 KB / Downloads: 128)

Is this the Wild Woods?

.jpg   Taste Like home.JPG (Size: 34.28 KB / Downloads: 125)

Taste the Same as home

.jpg   What is this water under the bridge.JPG (Size: 32.91 KB / Downloads: 124)
You mean there is "Water" running under US

.jpg   What way do we go.JPG (Size: 32.29 KB / Downloads: 121)
What way do we go?

.jpg   We See the Light.JPG (Size: 32.14 KB / Downloads: 120)
We see the light

.jpg   You Coming or not.JPG (Size: 30.05 KB / Downloads: 118)
Are you coming or not?

.jpg   Mission Complete.JPG (Size: 69.57 KB / Downloads: 117)
Mission Complete Glad to see the truck !!!!!!

.jpg   After a Hard day on the Trail.JPG (Size: 55.72 KB / Downloads: 116)

After a hard day on the trail a good nap in the sun is required 

Happy Trails to All

Hihobaron Pete and Sam

Three very tired critters.
Great pics HHB - glad it was a successful outing!
Happiness is a baby goat snoring in your lap
Great photos! Thanks for sharing! Smile
Hello Nanno and all
I am going to post another picture of the Goat boy's Expedition and then add a old one of Trader my RET Police Horse..

.jpg   Bridge 2 Let's keep moving.JPG (Size: 33.57 KB / Downloads: 93)
Bridges are good we don't get our feet wet, Get out of the way!!!!

.jpg   No Bridge to long.jpg (Size: 31.61 KB / Downloads: 91)

No Bridge to Long
Happy Trails
hihobaron Trader, Pete and Sam
Hello Nanno and All
I am putting this experience in the "Truck Chasing Goats" post area.
As most of you know, my Bad Boy's rule the woods and turf around BC1.
They free range and have worked out a "Truce" with the neighbors dogs.
Even made some "Trust" bonds with the old GS, the neighbors have.
She I think is having LGD instincts coming to action.
The boys are letting her get close to them and she is sitting in a "Alert over watch" manner not looking at the boys as a meal. Smile
That means I have 2 LGD's  for 2 goats My Lab "Max" and now Shasha. 
Seams we attract good animals.
Moving on:
Had "Human" Visitors to Camp, a friend that has met the goat boys and a friend of his looking at some down logs we have for fire wood.
The "New" Guy made the mistake of settling down on the Goat's bench.
Normal spot that Sam has claimed as his "Perch" and now a strange person is sitting in "HIS" spot.
Sam Jumped up and inspected this New person, chewed on his shirt ,licked his ear, Pawed at him to make him move down enough so Sam could lay down in "His" normal spot. Smile Bad goat
He moved and Sam snuggled down and started getting Scratched by New Person.
Pete in the mean time was watching what was going on and started sneaking up to check things out.
Pete got a scratch or two and decided maybe this "New" guy was OK.
Turned around, settled down and relaxed into "normal" hang around the camp mode. Smile
So even though the boy's were a bit cautious, of the new guy they were willing to allow a new person into the camp and respect him. No treats involved except a good scratch and pet.  Social Goats???  Smile

.jpg   That is MY buddy.JPG (Size: 67.66 KB / Downloads: 87)

Are you willing to share space?

.jpg   Sam and New Friend.JPG (Size: 69.24 KB / Downloads: 86)

A New Friend

.jpg   Maybe He is Ok as a friend..JPG (Size: 54.93 KB / Downloads: 85)

Maybe he is a good goat person

Happy Trails

Goats Know Good People
hihobaron Pete and Sam
Hello All 
A little goat story from a few years ago

Here are some other uses for goats.

The goat in the pictures is "Tank" a Boar Wether I had around the barn when working with Boarder Patrol horses in Arizona.

He was a great refrigerator Guard Goat.

.jpg   Tank Guard Goat .jpg (Size: 28.66 KB / Downloads: 68)

He Liked his beer cold. You better have some beer in there.

.jpg   Goat foot rest.jpg (Size: 32.48 KB / Downloads: 66)

Made a good foot rest also 200 # of very solid goat dose not move when you rest your feet on him.
A cold beer and resting in the shade works for everybody

Just don't let him get a nose in the door to the feed room.

There was another reason he was called "TANK" Unstoppable when feed was concerned.

Happy Trails

hihobaron Pete and Sam
Great pics and entertaining stories HHB. That Tank seemed a big boy. I always get a laugh from your posts Smile Looks like the weather might be getting better over there, with your mate in a t-shirt?
Happiness is a baby goat snoring in your lap
Hello DownUnder Gal
Yes, the weather is getting warm and dry enough here that a good cold beer goes down well.
Had to work on fence today (With the Goats Watching) and it got warm enough they went and laid in the shade of the truck panting. Trees have not leafed out yet here for shade and they still have their winter coats.
About 75 degree's F here today and were I am not much wind.
3-4 weeks ago we had 5 inches of snow and ice. I don't blame  the boy's for getting hot with the wacky weather we have had.
Yes, I even had to dig out some of my old favorite SS BDU shirts and have been wearing them the last couple days.
You will not find me in shorts unless I am swimming. Long pants, boots and a nice SS BDU shirt are my summer attire.
I can't find my Favorite Boone Hat. Sad will have to buy a New one. Yes, I am a hat person always when outside.
2 of the things I hate.
#1 Breaking in new trail/work boots.
#2 Breaking in and getting a new hat to fit just right.  
Expect a trail report/story in the next couple days.
Happy Trails
hihobaron and the Troops in South Carolina USA

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