Tribute to Butte
Last year at this time we said goodbye to a dear friend, Butte, the "Gentle Giant." Lost to UC before he reached 3 yrs old. Thought I would create this tribute to him.

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When he was a kid he caught his side on some fencing that came loose and it opened him up like a zipper. After hour emergency vet call for the poor little guy, we were not ready to say goodbye.

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Gone, but never forgotten big fellow.....
Oh I LOVE this! Poor Butte. We were all so sad when he died. I remember it well. Thank you for reminding us of him and the blessing of good memories. The time with our animals is always too short, but it's a precious gift no matter the length.
He was so purdy Smile Didnt forget him but love to be reminded with good pictures Smile
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He was beautiful! Sorry you lost him, sad Sad My Putnik had a mild case of stones last summer but they were small enough he passed them with injections of Banamine I was giving him - Turned out he had been eating grain that was falling through the cracks from the horse who was stalled in a paddock next to him and I didn't know it!! So that's how he got the stones. It was so scary... I was crying... I moved to another pen where there is no way any grain from neighboring horses can get into their pen so that can never happen again. We got lucky.
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