feeding ammonium chloride
Hello DUG
Thanks for the info on the way you protect your guys. (Goats) Smile
I ran out of my goat mineral with AC in it a couple weeks ago.
Bought some more yesterday and they hit it real good, Yes I know General Trace Mineral Livestock blocks don't have all of what goats need and a goat is not good at "Chomping" on a 50 pound block. They have their own mineral feeder in the Red Neck Goat Shed so "No Worries Mate"  about horses getting into the goat's loose mineral mix.
They like their house and when it rains will "Retreat" to their "Bunker" Smile Goats Melt you know.
One Question? How do the goats like the vinegar? Hide it as a bottle of good New Zealand wine when you give them a "Snort" Smile BTY: I hear ya'll have some good wine makers down under. Smile
Happy Trails
hihobaron Pete and Sam
Koby loves the ACV - gets up into the crush, puts his head through the bale and opens his mouth for the drenching syringe. Atticus is not a fan of ACV on its own so I add a little Stockgain to it (a molasses based multi-vitamin) to make it taste better. But I need to be careful with that because with too much daily use it can push him over the limit of certain other vitamins and minerals e.g. selenium. He won't eat it if I try to hide it in his feed.

We do have some nice wine here Smile
Happiness is a baby goat snoring in your lap
Here's Koby waiting for his ACV.

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Happiness is a baby goat snoring in your lap
An older thread, but bumping it up to see what feed you are using DUG. I can see that Barastoc Goat pellets have added ammonium chloride, but not sure how much and can't work out where else to buy it as a separate product to add myself.
Hey Ms_Mudd, sorry for the late reply. I definitely do not feed goat pellets or mix beyond 6 months of age. I have friends who thought Barastoc was safe due to the analysis on the bag but subsequently lost their goats to UC. They were loading their adult goats up on this goat mix as part of the daily diet. Not saying it was the cause (as there are a number of risk factors for UC) but I think feeding concentrates certainly contributed.
Happiness is a baby goat snoring in your lap
Good to know, as that particular brand really promotes their feeds as promoting urinary tract health.
I have ordered some AC now and will pulse dose when my guys are a bit older. I have been reading all kinds of academic papers relating to goats these past few weeks, now if only I could devote as much energy and enthusiasm for my (now deferred!) Masters degree!!! ha ha

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