Rose Hips
Today Debbi Otta and I took all the goats to the Two Rivers Park natural area to pick rose hips.  The bigger boys carried packs so we could load them with the rose hips.  The youngsters "just wanna have fun!"

This park is full of really old wild rose bushes, blackberry bushes and all sorts of trees and grasses.  It's located along the Columbia River about 3 miles from my farm.

We had to pick the higher hips at times because the goats wanted their share! Tongue

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When we were back at the parking lot Dude, Captain Morgan and Kahlua decided to eat some locust tree leaves.  Dude just leaned over the guardrail.  Captain Morgan and Kahlua decided to jump onto it to eat!

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We picked a lot of rose hips which Debbi is going to dry for us - or should I say - for the goats!  We'll go pick more if we get a chance before a frost ruins them for drying.
Goatberries Happen!

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