Coat care
I have used ZONK IT 35 for years BFG (Before Goats) on my horses good product
Can not Get it here and don't believe in the "Herbal" repellents.
I can get concentrated  Permethrin, and cut it down to .50% with water Basically 3cc to a gallon of water.
That is what I use in my spray application and as a premise spray in the barn. Stalls, around doors, etc.
I have the Aloe liquid on hand and have been using it with a Colloidal silver solution to fight off the poison ivy the goat boy's keep giving me. They are just doing their jobs in the brush but want to come up for a scratch and pet, Pete and Sam both have a licking my arm habit. Guess were I am fighting the poison ivy.
Either that or I am allergic to goat slime. Sad
I may just try mixing some aloe in with my next  batch of fly spray to see if it extends the effectiveness.
Lanolin I can get some from a neighbor that makes Goat Milk cosmetics. Smile

Thanks for the ideas
hihobaron Blizzard,Fuzzy,Pete and Sam
For ticks I used to use a large dog tick collar on Cuzco every summer. Worked like a charm! Now that I have 15+ goats it doesn't work because they pull them off each other. You might be able to get away with it with only four, especially the two older boys. It's the young ones that tend to pull them off each other.
Hello Nanno
I think collars  are a good idea.
I use the squirt on stuff for Max my dog.
Have you seen any thing relating to using it on goats?
I know that from Susan they have to use a "different" type because cats groom themselves so much.
We "Acquire" quite a bit of both that are thrown away because it is "Close" to expo date.
Still good, but as a direct dog/cat cat care facility for the public has to have expo date.
I will try some flea and tick collars on the boys, see how long they last. Good idea
BTY: I have been know to use one on myself for sand flea's
hihobaron and the Troops in SC
Hello Nanno and any Show Goat people out there.
This is something I used for years on my horses that had to have a "Glossy Coat" for presentation.
Whole "ROASTED SOYBEANS"  High in Protein and Oil.
Soybean "MEAL" will not work as well.
That is what is left over after the soybeans are processed /Oil extracted.
Many livestock feeds use soybean "MEAL" in their feed for the left over "oil' and protein content"
I would feed 1/4 cup to my True Black Arabian Stallion and he would "Slick" out in the spring and look like Black Glass all summer. I did not play "Blanket Games" her was outside every day in the sun>No burned brown look.
People always asked " What coat conditioner I used"  Nothing but good feed was my response.
Just passing along a OLD Coat condition horse showing "Trick" that worked for me.
No Showsheen under the saddle blanket Smile
It may work on goats to as well as help them shed out and slick down better for a show.
Happy Trails
hihobaron Blizzard,Fuzzy,Pete and Sam
BTY: Blizzard is having a hard time not "Melting Down" in the heat we have here, I may just have to re-name him Puddles. Smile

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