Lost a good buddy last weekend
Well to my shock and horror apon getting home from a quick hunting trip I was told by my francticaly distressed girlfreind that Samson are best goat died. Not really sure what happened, just found him dead laying on a fence that seperates the big goats from the small goats, not even really tangled up or anything either. She was gone untill about an hour before I got home, so we have no real clue to what happened exept that maybe his collor got tangled up and he suffocated, but even that really wasn't attched to the fence at all. Never thought I would shed a tear over a goat but sunday after burying him and planting afew ceders over him I did. Oi vey...
now I'm down to a barn potato and 2 6 month olds.
Still kinda just shaking my head wondering what happened
So heres to you Samson, you might have been a candy bar stealing little turd but you were one helluva pack animal and the best high country hunting buddy I have yet to take into the mountains. Cheers bud

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Oh I am so sorry. What a shocking and devastating loss. It's good to shed tears for the ones we love--even goats. The cedar trees are such a special memorial to Samson. It's good you have something beautiful to look at and remember him by for many, many years to come.
My heart goes out to you.
Goatberries Happen!
Oh man thats sad. What bad news. And yeah, I can imagine how it sucks to be out of business for a while until he is replaced or you wait for the others to grow. Its funny how camping with a work animal, goat or horse, builds a real bond thats more than the back-yard pet type of relationship. People think I have too many goats but in fact I am taking precautions against losing one or two over time.

I don't leave the collars on my goats for fear of choking hazards or horns getting under a collar and a bad fight. Sounds like that probably wasn't the issue but it sure seems like a mystery. I'd have to say it was something related to the fence though. I've seen horses get stuck half-way over a drill-pipe fence and it sorta squeezes the breath out of them. The truth is most fence types have their dangers. I even had a white-plastic wired electric fence get wrapped TIGHT around a baby goats leg. Fortunately I found him in time and it didn't kill the foot. Thought that fence was safe as could be till that incident.
The even more crazy thing about this is there was a door open to the young goat area and also that he was the one that never got tangled up in ropes or anything else like his brother or the young goats do, almost like he had a heart attack and just fell over on the fence. Yeah I know the feeling now, but thats a good idea, got the 2 young ones that won't really be able to pack untill 2017 so now the hunt is on for 2 - 3 more horned wethers over 1.5 years old.

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