Ok then.
Wow so good to be back with all my Goat Packing friends. This new site is like a breath of fresh air.
I am Curtis King from Burbank (south- east) Washington. 25 year veteran Law-Man, husband, father of three daughters with a new grandson, Goat Packing enthusiest, outdoorsman and avid hunter.

looking forward to posting some pics of my Pack Goat Gang.
Wapiti, Sasquatch, Mocha-Man, Sandy- Lane and the new twins Cinche and Gage. I plan on attending the Rendy in Bend Oregon in June. Hope to see some of ya there.

"Long Live The Pack Goat"
Curtis King
So glad you found us! Welcome, welcome!
It is good to see you here Curt! I work for the same police department with Curt, and he is a class act. I have only been a cop for 10 years, and really look up to Curt. He would never say this so I will say it for him. Curt keeps a level head, is very knowledgable, dedicated, hard working, honest, fair, and is the type of guy you want with you when crap hits the fan. It also helps he is a Sasquatch of a man who can pick thugs up off their feet with one arm when needed Smile Curt is a good God fearing man, who loves the outdoors! And I am glad to call him a friend.
Looking forward to meeting you at the rendy!
Charlene in Central Orego
Well its about damn time you showed up Smile hehe So glad you made it!
Pack Goat Prospects For Sale. http://trinitypackgoats.webs.com

S.E. Washington (Benton City)
Welcome back Curtis!

...Looking forward to the follow-up and seeing your new goat hauler. Wink
LOCATION: Top-of-Utah at the South base of Ben Lomond
Good to see you back! (I am also a LEO - 23 years)

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