Ledels wins!
Recently there was the local county fair lots of fun but tiring! We checked in on Monday and did done touch ups on her shave job then she had her bath oh the fun in that! Tuesday was show day we got there pretty early we cleaned up her pen a bit, feed her, and more touch ups! In showmanship we took third, in dry doe we took first, in pack goats we took first the sad part was no one else was in the pack division but we still had fun in the obstacle course! Then on Friday we qualified for round robin and so we would show goats, chickens, dogs, and rabbits. My goatie took fifth we will keep working for next year but for being so stubborn she did great! Fun week did well in my leather craft project!

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Couldn't figure out attachments anyways super fun!
Nice one Ledel! I'm sorry there weren't more goats competing in the packgoat class, but I'm so glad you entered your goat anyway. Sounds like ya'll need to drum up more interest in packgoats in your area! It's such a fun 4-H activity and a bit of a relief from all the showmanship and breed classes since it's so different. Keep it up!
Thanks! One other girl is training up a pack goat but he was to young this year so next year I'll have at least one competitor!

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