Goat-O-Rama Kids of 2015
Well, I was going to make a post this morning about how Nubbin was revving up. Her official due date was May 2nd, but she jumped the gun and decided to get these little guys out ahead of schedule.

They are tentatively named "Sledge" and "Hammer," although I was rooting for the one with the doughnut on his forehead to be called "Dunkin."

Nubbin did great! She spent a great deal of time this afternoon pawing and nesting behind the house, and she would baa-aa softly every time I poked my head out the door. But after watching Petunia do this exact same routine for three days last year, I didn't take Nubbin too seriously and went for a horse ride.

I got back just in time! Around 6:00 this evening, Nubbin got down to business, and she delivered these two beautiful boys with no help and minimal effort. Well, I'm sure it was quite a bit of effort (they're big boys!), but Nubbin was very no-nonsense about it. Phil and I stood by and gave moral support, but no one had to pull.

Nubbin couldn't be happier. She's been out there chuckling and nosing her new babies all evening--she's definitely a "lick the fur off" type of mama. She cleaned her kids perfectly from top to bottom, and now everyone's had a drink and has peed and pooped and is snuggled down for the night. I can't wait to start playing with them tomorrow!
ah great post nanno! love a nice no drama kidding Smile beautiful babies of course!
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Yes, I couldn't be more pleased! These little dudes look just like their daddy! If their attitude and conformation are anything like his, then they'll be wonderful packgoat prospects! These are our first truly "home-grown" goats since their mother and father were both bred by us. I'm feeling a bit proud right now, but probably not as proud as Nubbin! I was so hoping for a blessing for her this year after last year's tragedy, and it looks like she got it!
What exciting news! Congratulations to everyone! Looking forward to lots of pictures and tales of their adventures!
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Cant wait to see the pictures over the next few months.

If you think you're surprised with goats born early.....

My first Goat, Tina, was a Saanan I bought because my baby yak would not take to the formula. I bought Tina from some Mexicans. They told me she wasn't pregnant. Well..... Over time I started to suspect she might be. Poked around her belly a bit and stuff and some days I was sure she was, some days I was sure she wasn't. Once she got loose and was eating some weeds out on the road. A neighbor spotted her and brought her back and said "Thats one pregnant goat!" and I said ... "No thats just how she is." I had gone back and forth between thinking she was pregnant and not and ended up on "not".

Later I was on the phone with one of my car-fixing buddies and I was wandering around the field while we chatted. I saw my dog Sasha take a serious interest in Tina over in the horse shelter. The gears started turning in my head and then I saw something small and white in there. My friend on the phone I'm sure was laughing as I was like "Um. Wha? No. Wow really? Ah man. Sheesh those Mexicans!"
Everyone did well through the night and our little guys are now tottering curiously around the yard on unsteady legs. The other goats were intrigued but left them to their own devices after a brief sniff.

These are definitely Finn's babies! They look just like him, and not only in color. The have their daddy's strong football player shoulders, long straight legs, and straight backs. Phew! I was hoping Finn's genetics would come out over Nubbin's in the conformation department, and so far so good.

Nubbin is very proud of her beautiful boys and is taking good care of them. I did not see her pass the placenta, so I'm hoping she cleansed last night and ate the evidence. I never saw even one contraction after she kidded and none this morning which seems rather odd, but she's not acting "off" so hopefully she's fine. Nubbin suddenly went very lame on her left hind leg yesterday and it's still quite sore today. I'm guessing she just pulled a muscle or pinched a nerve while she was in pre-labor because I can't find anything wrong with it.

We weighed our little guys this morning, and Sledge was 9 lbs. You can't quite see it from this angle, but Sledge also has "Lilly spots" on both sides. That was something Lilly got from her father. Apparently he stamped every one of his offspring with a domino dot on at least one side (Lilly had them on both). She never passed them to her offspring, but it's good to see one of her grandsons has them.

Hammer weighed in at 9.5 lbs. He's definitely the more robust of the two. Both are as sweet and friendly as they can be, but Hammer seems to particularly love being picked up and held just like his daddy did.

Do you think Nubbin has enough milk? Tongue
They SO look like Finn! Love the coloring and they were nice sized, too. Looks like Nubbin will have plenty of milk for them!
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Nubbin left her babies in the shed and went to graze in the paddock last night, and since I couldn't bear the thought of these sweet babies alone in a cold, dark world (or even a warm, dark shed), I put them in a box and brought them in the house to watch a movie with Phil and I. It's soooo nice not to have to fight over who gets to hold the baby goat! I held Sledge and he held Hammer and we were all very cozy and content. It was a good movie too--Night Train to Munich. Gotta start these kids off right!

So you may be thinking, why "Sledge" and "Hammer"? Well, have any of you ever watched this show?

We've been watching it lately and, yeah, it's awesome.

Personally, I'm not too attached to the names "Sledge" and "Hammer," but since Phil has been threatening since last year to name Nubbin's babies "Tubbin" and "Blubbin," I'm actually thrilled that he picked these other names instead. Phil says it's because they're two boys, and he'd only name them Tubbin and Blubbin if it was a girl and a boy. I have a silly husband. Rolleyes

Adorable, aren't they?
Geez nanno. They are so cutie!!!
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Love that middle picture!!

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