New and Question on Shipping
You don't need to worry about the states in between. Just make sure you have the destination listed on the CVI (if you get one). I back up what Taffy said about permanent ID: Make sure the kids have tags, tattoos, or microchips before they leave the breeder, and in the case of tattoos and microchips, verify them. Talk to the breeder about this before you drive all the way out there to pick up the kids. A few breeders might balk and say you don't need an ID for wethers under 18 months (and legally they'd be right), but having the kids ID'd by the breeder will help you avoid a headache down the road. The breeder can easily ID their kids so there's no reason why they shouldn't do this for you. It's ok for you to insist and it's also ok for you to verify that it was done. Hopefully you won't need to insist though.

Most breeders are very helpful. I have never had a buyer ask me to show them a tattoo. They have always just taken my word for it. However, I show them the tattoos anyway so they know how and where to find them, and so they are in agreement that the tattoo I wrote down on the bill of sale matches the one in the goat's ear. This is for my own benefit as well as theirs. Breeders (including me) have been known to make mistakes on the paperwork!

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