Dwite Sharp's goats spotted at Ringling Bros.!
Dwite was thrilled that we saw his goats at the circus the other day, and he wanted me to re-post this in the news section so people would see it under its own headline instead of having it buried in an off-topic thread. Wink

Phil and I went to the circus with my brother and his family today, and we saw the beautiful packgoats Dwite Sharp donated to Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey! I was so excited! The two Alpines pulled a wagon full of dogs into the ring during the show, and the Boer/Alpine cross pulled a little two-wheeled cart around the ring with a midget in it. Phil tried to snap pictures of the action, but they came out so blurry that they weren't any good. So here's a picture of them loafing in their stall with their backs to us. Smile


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