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Full Version: Dwite Sharp's goats spotted at Ringling Bros.!
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Dwite was thrilled that we saw his goats at the circus the other day, and he wanted me to re-post this in the news section so people would see it under its own headline instead of having it buried in an off-topic thread. Wink

Phil and I went to the circus with my brother and his family today, and we saw the beautiful packgoats Dwite Sharp donated to Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey! I was so excited! The two Alpines pulled a wagon full of dogs into the ring during the show, and the Boer/Alpine cross pulled a little two-wheeled cart around the ring with a midget in it. Phil tried to snap pictures of the action, but they came out so blurry that they weren't any good. So here's a picture of them loafing in their stall with their backs to us. Smile

The goats look very contented in their pen. I'll bet seeing photos them made your day Dwite!
I didn't know ther were goats in circuses! Very cool!
What you don't know is that Dwite ran away and JOINED the circus, and his goats just tagged along with him! You didn't happen to get any close-ups of the clowns or animal tamers, did you? Hummm! Perhaps he's on the trapeze!
You know, come to think of it, I'm pretty sure I saw Dwite! He rode a motorcycle on the tightrope with a goat on the handlebars!

I'd love to see them train the goats to do more things. Their goats are pretty good, but I don't think they're using them to their fullest potential. I'd love to see the goats wearing saddles and having dogs or monkeys ride them. That would be great! I'd also like to see more balancing acts. We saw goats jump over llamas and stand on donkeys, but nothing truly spectacular. I know what goats are capable of, so I'd like to see a bit more demanded of them. Wink
Actually one of the two motorcycle riders that rode on the over head tightrope was Alex (from Bulgaria), the trainer of the goats and the one who arranged the purchase of our four "Boys". So who knows what Alex may have up his sleeve. I know he was planning on them jumping onto a moving horse and riding them around the ring. He's only had them since last October, so I'm sure he has more planned for them. I talked with them a couple days ago and they are quite impressed with how smart and well behaved they are. The "Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus" Blue Tour (the one our "Boys" are with) will be in Salt Lake City in September if anybody in that region would like to see them in the "Greatest Show on Earth".
Very cool!
How do people get their goats to not beat the crap out of each other in such a small enclosure? I have three, and they all have to have separate shelters because they're so mean to each other. And in the back of the truck, I have to tie two of them so they don't beat up the third one. What am I doing wrong????
Oh thats easy, dude. Just feed them a big bale of "hemp" before your trip! They'll be sooooooo mellow. Like, chill!
Hahaahaaa! Well, my dog loves that stuff apparently - he found some (although I never saw it and never saw him eat it, but he was off-leash running around) out in the abandoned building near the big field near where my goats are - kids grafitti there so I assume they must have dropped something. Poor dog was soooo messed up!, Swaying back and forth, eyes half shut, totally out of it. Vet confirmed it must have been cannibis.
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