Estimating adult size
Hi All,
I was hoping to please get some feedback from some folks with more goat experience than our limited 18 months.
Lately, we have been shopping around for some additions to our 2 goat herd. Our Alpine brothers turned 2 last week and are pretty respectable sized (34"&35" height and tape measurements put them about 180#). I had considered that pretty normal for pack goats but all of the adult wethers that I am seeing for sale lately are considerably smaller. 2-4 year olds that are 32" high & closer to 140#. 
When I am looking at the potential additions, is there any type of general guidelines or guestimates as to how much larger a 2 year old goat might get if they are currently 140#? I realize that the final adult size is determined by many factors, especially genetics, but our boys are the first time that we are getting to watch goats grow into adulthood. I know they continuing growing until 3-4 years but is the change between 2-4 years usually a fair amount of growth or minimal?
I guess I would just like to know if it is safe to assume that a 140# 2-yr old might eventually end up at least 180#?
Thanks in advance for any advice!

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