Going to be kidding for the first time!
The name is Red Tail Ridge. I always thought she named it after the Ober tail but she says it was named after a hawk.
Earl looks a lot like my biggest goat did. It's the heavy bone, wide deep chest, and longer back and legs with a super sweet disposition that seem familiar. Colleen's heavy line (that is my name not her's) had a coarse heavy coat. He was extremely weather tolerant. He would stand out in a winter snow storm and wonder why no one would come out and play. She had some soft slick coated goats that a finer bone structure with long legs and back.
She work very hard in the early days to improve the Oberhasli breed. She imported semen from Switzerland and had to work for years to get the goats registered with the ADGA. I read somewhere the Oberhasli in this country was considered to be an Alpine for sometime.
The boys and I walk about a lot. Even goat people say I've never seen a goat like that. Maybe that will change.

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