Differences in saddle brands
I hear ya! This is where I think the Marc Warnke breastcollar and britchen design is pretty outstanding. I'm happy with our Sopris saddles, but at some point I might see if there's a way to make Marc's breastcollar and britchen work with my saddle.
(01-09-2020, 09:19 AM)Stringinit Wrote: I too noticed the breast strap was hanging too low but I haven't figured out a way from keeping the breast strap from pulling the whole saddle forward onto the goats shoulders as they go over obstacles. This happens when I tighten the breast strap.

another selfmade adjustment comes to mind. Not sure if it would work, as goats have different necks.

In horses you can add a strap that runs across the neck from breast strap to breast strap. This will keep the breast strap in the correct position without having to pull it too tight.

You could sew something like this using a nylon strap and a click snap. If it was me I would probably add some padding over the neck area.
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