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Full Version: We need a logo!
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I like both of them...its tough to choose which I like better. Maybe rotate them every hour. LOL Smile
They are both great, so much character and fun.
I love em both but that second one has some great content to it
Love them both!
I read that totally like it would cost me $10 to vote. LOL
(12-06-2013, 10:09 PM)joecool911 Wrote: [ -> ]Internet is a difficult place to covey emotions. That was an attempt at humor. I'm afraid that I cannot fund the voting costs. Savin for a new hip this February. Nothing funny about that. Down right scary.

love both logos. Would be hard to pick one...
There is a lot of open room up there. How about using both?
Charlie Horse are you the artist for these awesome banner logos?
(12-30-2013, 03:44 PM)Dave-Trinity-Farms Wrote: [ -> ]There is a lot of open room up there. How about using both?

I'm going to switch the banners out and use the open space to add links for NAPgA, sponsoring businesses, etc. I just haven't had time recently to sit down and do any of that stuff. Hopefully my life will calm down in a few days and I can catch up!
Taffy-- Yeah those are my goat cartoons. I dont claim to be good at cartoons, but I do like how these goats turned out. They're sort of developing into a style. Normally I do video game models/animations so this kind of thing is just a fun break for me.
Thought I'd ring in the New Year with a change of banner! Happy 2014 everybody!
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