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Full Version: We need a logo!
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I love it!!! I'll put this new one up as soon as I get a chance. Thanks so much Charlie Horse! The goat on the far left needs a little tweaking. Just remove the left horn and add a splash of color--S'mores are Cuzco's favorite part of any campfire. Big Grin
I could see my crew gettin' into that! So fun!
Nanno-- Fixed a few minor issues with that last one. Just clarified a few things that didn't seem to scale-down very well and enhanced a few lines that got muddied by all the shading. Re-grab it if you've already saved it to the hard drive. Thanks.
I LOVE the new logo Smile Its so funny. Smile Thanks Charlie Horse!!
That there is some skills charlie! very nice!
[Image: packgoatcentral_banner_09.jpg]
Oh my gosh, that is so cute, I love it. (But it sure doesn't make me want to go camping!) I love all the patches in the sides of the tents belonging to the goats with the straight up horns while the one with the curly horns sleeps soundly in a dry, patch-free tent. So funny! =)
wow charlie! I too also love it!
The detail in your artwork sure proves you know your stuff about goats and goatpacking! I think I'd rather have snow than rain. Just looking at that banner makes me feel cold and damp! Tongue
So good! Makes me laugh!
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