Poly Dome Shelters: Securing & transporting livestock
Hey All

As some of you know, I while back I became the Exclusive Dealer for Poly Dome Products in Utah, Idaho, Montana, Arizona, Nevada & Western Wyoming. ("Poly Dome of Utah"...Ogden, Utah) Our huts are amazing shelters for your goats...full size or kids...small/young calves, sheep, small horses/ponies, alpacas or LARGE dogs etc. (My LGD is 120 lbs & 34" at the shoulder!) They keep animals warm, safe, protected, shaded, secure, well ventilated and out of the elements and last for decades. (They actually have a 10 year warranty)

That said, I wanted to let you know about a kit I have come up with that makes three of our hut offerings EXTREMELY utilitarian, even more useful & a bigger bang for you dollar! It is our new "Securing-Door-Kit". It works with & fits our Warm Weather Hut as well the Squares & Big-Foot Huts.

The "Securing-Door-Kit" allow these shelters to function DOUBLE & even TRIPLE duty by securing the animals in the hut. Among other things, this can really come in handy for isolating or securing animals at night when kidding & securing them from predators etc. They are locked in a moment & released even faster by quickly pulling/sliding out the securing rods & panel. They are strong enough to keep safe & secure the wiliest life stock...as well as keep many predators out.

This kit consist of a small but very strong 4x4-square securing panel (similar to a small goat/sheep fence panel), 8: 5/16" diameter eyebolts, securing rods, hitch pins & associated hardware. It goes together easily by drilling 8 holes in the polyethylene walls. (Large fender washers and Nylock-nuts secure & strengthen the attachment points.) Additional eyebolts can be added inside or out for temporarily tethering your animals if desired. So nothing ever gets lost but is always ready to go...there are two more eyebolts on the side that you can lock the "securing panel" out of the way when not in use.

While the huts were not originally designed for the following purpose, with a "Securing-Door-Kit", (Insert your normal cautions and disclaimers etc.) clients have found our huts even more utilitarian (I.E.TRIPLE-duty) as strong-inexpensive, secure animal transporting shelters in full size truck beds or nearly any utility trailer...AND they of course again quickly & easily make a great shelter once at the destination. (Please see attached photos.)

The Warm Climate Hut is especially amazing for this because it is a little bit smaller than the others. (44” wide x 60” long x 48” high ...The lips push its actual footprint to 48" W x 65" L.) THIS makes it the perfect size to fit in any full size truck bed or utility trailer. Because it weighs less than 80 lbs...it is easily moved & load by nearly anyone. Additionally, since the animals are used to living in the shelters, loading is made easier & less stressful for animals and they load in easily. Shelters are easily & quickly anchored in minutes...animals are then locked, loaded & secured in a few more minutes. When you arrive, simply pull the securing rods & pins in 30 seconds and the animal are out and ready to go!

As noted, the "Warm Climate Hut", "Poly Square Hut" & "Big-Foot Huts" use the exact same "Securing-Door-Kit" as the kit fits identically as they all have the identical door cut outs. The Big-Foot is great for hauling larger or additional animals & fits well in a 8' bed. It & the Square actually fit OVER/ON the wheel wells & hence needs additional blocking supports in the corners for stability. Obviously this makes it sit higher allowing larger animals as well as humans ability to walk around nearly upright. It also allows it to get the usage of the full with of the bed. (The Big-Foot is 60" wide x 90" long...that's is 7.5 feet long! Obviously in a utility or flat deck a blocking kit is not necessary for securing it.

* PLEASE NOTE: If you're going to use the huts in the back of trucks or trailers for transporting...securing & anchoring them down well is key! This is up to the purchaser though & we make no claim on the best way to anchor your shelter in your truck or trailer.

That said, one way I have seen is anchoring & securing them for transport is using 2 new & secure ratchet style tie-downs to your truck's 4 anchor points. Others have suggested directly bolting them down to their truck bed or trailer...AGAIN, this is up to the purchaser.

A little bit about the huts themselves...

• Made from high-impact UV stabilized polyethylene.
• One piece, seamless roto-molded design
• No rivets to break, no cracks to let snow and rain sift in and need no steel rim around the bottom for strength that rots out (imagine how hard this is to clean).
• All huts are tough as nails and have a 10 year warranty (Pro-rated)
• Available in white opaque material to eliminate the solar effect. It blocks out the sun’s heat–not sunlight...or natural material to absorb the suns’ rays to help heat and dry the unit.
• Center flow adjustable vents
• Easy cleaned & sanitized
• Stackable

All huts are totally free-standing–no foundation required. The Poly Squares & Big-Foots have inverted ribs for better wind resistance, a wider stance (5’) for better stability. They also have the Center Roof Vent, the leading vent system on the market today. The Warm Climate Hut top features an adjustable sliding cover over 8 vent openings. There are also several options including bucket holder, buckets, fence brackets, hay feeders, additional adjustable vents (especially nice on the Warm Climate Hut), rear & side feeding doors.

Securing-Door-Kit = $40

Warm Climate Hut = shell only $235 White Opaque -- 44” wide x 60” long x 48” high, 75-80 pounds.

Poly Square Hut = shell only $328 White Opaque -- 60"' Wide x 78" long, 100 pounds

Big-Foot Hut = shell only $346 White Opaque -- 60" wide x 90" long, 110 pounds. It has the biggest sleeping area of any hutch on the market today (38 square ft)


Incidentally, I will be donating one the Warm Climate Huts for sale at this year's NAPgA Rendezvous & donating 100% of the proceeds to NAPgA. I'm also willing to deliver them to the Rendezvous if pre-purchased. (Transportation home is up to the purchaser.)

Anyway, mostly informing you all of something that works well with our goats but happy to help you with your needs as well.


Here are some pictures:

Warm Climate Hut

[Image: IMAG0454.jpg]

[Image: IMAG0455.jpg]

[Image: IMAG0452.jpg]

[Image: IMAG0451.jpg]

[Image: IMAG0456.jpg]

[Image: WCH_Side%20Secured_Cropped_Low%20Res%20ii.jpg]

[Image: WCH_Side%20Secured_Cropped.jpg]

[Image: IMAG0449.jpg]

[Image: IMAG0453.jpg]

[Image: IMAG0428%20with%20Goats.jpg]

[Image: WCH_LEFT%20Securing%20Rod%20amp%20Hitch%...%20Res.jpg]

[Image: WCH_RIGHT%20Securing%20Rod%20amp%20Hitch...%20Res.jpg]

[Image: WCH_Truck_Cropped.jpg]

[Image: IMAG0428%20with%20Goats%20ii.jpg]

[Image: WCH_LEFT%20Securing%20Rod%20amp%20Hitch%...%20Res.jpg]

[Image: WCH_Truck_Front_Cropped_Low%20Res.jpg]

[Image: WCH_Truck_Side_Cropped_Low%20Res.jpg]
LOCATION: Top-of-Utah at the South base of Ben Lomond
That's so cool! We've been talking about doing something like this with a PolyDome in our truck bed, but hadn't got so far as thinking about what to do for a door. Awesome idea! So much cheaper and easier than a camper shell (taller too!).
(03-21-2015, 07:25 PM)Nanno Wrote: That's so cool! We've been talking about doing something like this with a PolyDome in our truck bed, but hadn't got so far as thinking about what to do for a door. Awesome idea! So much cheaper and easier than a camper shell (taller too!).

Hey Nanno,

I'm so glad you liked it, its pretty simple but I thought about this allot. I really like Warm Climate Huts for this purpose even though its smaller because its so easy, light weight & fits between the wheel wells of any full size pickup bed...even the 5.5' short beds. I've been using & testing it in my truck the past few months...zero issues. I have hauled up to 4 yearlings at one time with it. I've hauled them in the rain & sun...they've stay vented, dry & out of the wind...AND safe!

They only thing I've changed on the retail kits is the Panel now has smoother cut edges than you see on the pictures of this one. I have also personally added a rubber floor matt for the bed of my truck to make it less slippery & easy to clean up.

And to your point of shells...I agree way cheaper, multiuse & are just so dang tough. I can't tell you how many really nice truck shells I have seen with screwed up windows from livestock etc. Shells are also useless & in the way when not in use as well as a pain to remove and get beat to heck when not in use. Besides, you can't let your goats sleep in a truck shell when its on the ground...probably wouldn't hold up to goats anyway. LOL Smile

IRCC you have a full length bed Chevy, no? Also, round Poly Domes too, no? I too mainly use the rounds like you...Love'em because they are large, tough & don't allow anyone to get caught in the corner for "goat-cheap shots". I have since added a BigFoot Square & one of the Warm Climates to their living quarters though...mainly so they can play in them are used to them when it comes time to transport.

Of course they work to isolate your does/kids as needed overnight etc as well.

BTW, I think Jess has also been working on a hinged door system with a fabricator but this works for me & my customers for the money. Inexpensive, simple...and works.

Sorry so long winded, Rolleyes

LOCATION: Top-of-Utah at the South base of Ben Lomond
Hey All,

How goes it? Just a quick note to let you all know that I am no longer going to be carrying the Poly Dome line of products. Awesome products but not something I can stock as my business changes.

Hence...everything I have in stock is 20% off...basically seling at my cost. When all shelters and grain/bulk bins are gone...they are gone with no more to come. (Next closest dealer is near Denver & Seattle.) So if you have been waiting for a deal and are in the Utah or Southern Idaho area, this is it...let me know & I will hook you up with a great deal. All sales final...must be picked up near Ogden...no shipping

(801) 989-0377
LOCATION: Top-of-Utah at the South base of Ben Lomond
You know, I can't believe I did not reply to this thread when you bumped it, TOU! I'm sorry that the PolyDomes aren't working out for your business any more. We need more dealers in the country, not less! We've sure missed you around this forum!

For anyone interested, I highly recommend these PolyDomes! Excellent product! We have four large round ones and one of the small ones that fits on the bed of our truck (kind regards to TOU for donating that last one to the 2015 Rendy auction so we could snag it!). We've used that truck bed transporter on a regular basis, but especially in November/December 2015 since that is breeding season and we didn't have our own buck this year. I've had quite a few people jealously inquire where I got it. Very useful item!
Sorry that things didn't work out. Do you, by any chance, know some active PolyDomes dealers?
Thanks in advance!
Alexandra from Cargolution
There's one in Elizabeth, CO. I can look up their contact info if you like.
You could also consider Cargolution as a viable alternative transport service.

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