Sopris Rookie
Jethro wore his new Sopris Rookie pack for the first time today. Last time I tried it on him it hung over his hip bones. He’s definitely grown since last fall. He’ll be 2 in June. He wasn’t too please about it and I still need to do more adjusting on the breast collar and breeching.

I let him wander around the yard grazing while I was pruning shrubs. He didn’t like the noise when it rubbed on something and really didn’t like it when he couldn’t walk through a tight area like usual. I can see it’s going to take him awhile to get accustomed to it.

What did you do to me?!

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Is this my best side?

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Hurry up! Your lagging!

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Goatberries Happen!
That is an interesting frame. Despite loving the cross buck for heavy loads it makes a lot of noise in when it hits tree limbs or brush. When I don't need a heavy load pack I use a great pack that is no longer produced and fear the day one of them breaks beyond repair. This may be a nice alternative.
He looks so handsome!
Metro sure looks handsome Taffy. Looks like he is growing into a fine packer!
I'm seriously checking in to getting a sopris for my big boy (250+ lbs). I just have trouble justifying paying that much for one item when I could get 2 sets of cross bucks and several pads with the same money. I know they are great for packing but it's taken me months to save up that amount even with 2 jobs! Also I could get a couple tons of hay for that amount. I really hate it when I get practical!
Charlene in Central Orego
Thats called buyers regret. I do that in stores. Go in with the intent to drop some money, fill up my cart and by the time Im ready to hit the check out, the cart is empty and I have bought nothing Smile
Pack Goat Prospects For Sale.

S.E. Washington (Benton City)
I thought buyer's regret was when you spent a lot of money on something and then spent the rest of your life nitpicking it to the point where you wish you hadn't bought it. That's Phil's problem--every time he has to buy a big ticket item like a truck, tractor, computer, etc., he can only see everything wrong with it that makes it feel like it's worth a lot less than he paid for it.

The only thing Phil never seems to regret spending money on is his goats. Works for me! Smile
Well its not cheap to build your own unless you're already set up for it. I probably have $500-600 dollars in new tools for woodworking/carving/cutting/staining and leather cutting/staining/stamping/stitching and the brass hardware and whatnot and I'm still working on it. Once I've made equipment for all my guys I'll probably be into it $200 each outfit, and even then I'm not sure-- it may cost more with the panniers. I have a couple Owahee saddles with Northwest built-in pads and I intend to discard the nylon rigging and replace it with leather. Those ended up cheaper because I got them in a pile of goat equipment I found in the classifieds. Honestly I find that nylon rigging, while cheap and convenient, has a hard time staying properly adjusted and I worry about losing parts. Leather has its own downside but lets face it-- It looks cooler.
Charlie Horse you should start a thread with some of your saddles. One you shared with the carving in it was the coolest saddle I have ever seen!
(03-16-2015, 03:12 PM)nebs Wrote: Charlie Horse you should start a thread with some of your saddles. One you shared with the carving in it was the coolest saddle I have ever seen!


And I agree... leather is MUCH cooler than nylon. I also think it chafes less (although others disagree).

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