Goodbye to San Francisco Coyotes
This is a crummy photo, taken with my phone just last week. I have to say the coyotes around San Francisco started to become a huge pain in my butt. I couldn't even let my dog off leash any more since the coyotes had taken over the field we used to romp in. And they're big! At least these coyotes out here in Nevada are afraid of people, as they should be.

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*Saltlick*  Rancho Topaz   
near Topaz Lake, Nevada
And at least there you can shoot em Smile
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S.E. Washington (Benton City)
Kinda scary when the wild things get that tame. Glad you moved!
geez that's to close!, just popped one of those buggers last week for trying to "sneak up" on my big ober.

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