Breed and temperament recommendations
My Saanen/Alpine doe just gave birth to a large boy that I am considering keeping to train as a pack goat. The doe is very sweet, calm and quiet. The dad is a Nubian/Boer and endlessly calls from that barn. I've been told this is fairly typical of Nubians and Nubian crosses.

Given the new boy is only 1/4 Nubian do you think that behaviour would continue forward into him? Is this a behaviour that cannot be trained out?

As it stands right now I only have 1 other buckling and he is Boer/Nubian and will be raised for meat.
I wouldn't worry about the fact that he's part Nubian. Each goat is an individual. Some are more vocal than others. I wouldn't want to miss the chance of having a fantastic packgoat just because of the Nubian genetics.

If the buck is constantly calling have you thought about "why" he may be calling? Maybe it's his situation and not the Nubian genetics.
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I've got Nubian crosses, and I have to say a lot of whether they are noisy or not depends on that particular goat and its personality. I tend to think they learn a lot of their mannerisms from their mother, and if the mother is quiet then the kid is more likely to be quiet as well. This doesn't mean there aren't exceptions, of course. They will also quiet down as they get older and become used to you as their "herd leader." Goats who are always quiet at home will nearly always set up a racket the first few times you take them out, but then they'll learn the routine and quit panicking.
The mom of my buck is a very noisy doe. She calls out about everything and nothing. He's the same unless he has does to cover, lol.

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