List of closed areas to goats?
We do enjoy hunting with our 3 goats. They are an easy animal to have in the forest. I don't feel like we adjust our pace of hiking for them. However we are in rugged country archery hunting, so we move rather slow. Our goats have been hunting in freezing weather to 90°, and as high as 10,000 feet. With three goats and three people we can get a bull elk out in one trip everybody's carrying about the same size pack 45 to 50 pounds.
I would like to pack my goats into Umatilla National Forest unit Wenaha in Washington. Can someone confirm if this area is currently open or closed to goats? Thanks.
The Umatilla is still open to goat-packing. The draft Forest Plan Revision proposes to close certain areas; specifically, "The use of recreational pack goats shall not be authorized or allowed within or adjacent to source habitat for bighorn sheep." However, this is still a DRAFT plan; therefore, let me repeat: the entire Umatilla National Forest is still open to goat-packing.
Although the comment period for the Draft Revision ended last summer, a series of public meetings is being planned to discuss the Revision. You should contact the Umatilla National Forest to find out when & where meetings will be held:
Telephone 541-278-3716
You can look at the Forest Plan Revision documents via the following link, do a search for "pack goats" and you will see exactly where the proposed closures would take place:
Blue Mountain Forest Plan Revision Documents
In the meantime, go out and enjoy your pack goats but please pack responsibly (e.g. highline at night, maintain control of your goats at all times, and if you do happen to see bighorn sheep, avoid all contact with them)--Saph

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