Free buck
sweet Is he pretty friendly?
I started with 7 alpines and 4 pygmies but as the year went on I would pick up a free goat here and there so thats how i ended up with 25 of them. lol
I just fell in love with them and they help me with my PTSD that i have so its all good and hoof triming time is fun they actually line up for me.
has anyone used a sander on goat hooves im going to try is out this weekend and see how that goes, i heard of people using dremel on them
yeah I've thought of using a DA sander on goat and horse feet. Seems like a great idea if you can get them to be chill about it. I've seen videos of using them on horses on youtube. I use a dremel with a barrel sander on my dog's nails and a dulled drum sander to do my parrot's nails. Its SO convenient. So it must be true for the hoov-ed ones too.
Yep he is very friendly, should only get better as he isn't settled in yet. He is even polite and friendly with another smaller intact buck in the pen with him. He is in quarantine my daughter suspects worms as he acts starved but looks fat enough.
A sander is what some of the locals here use for their goat's feet. The goats are fine with it.
Charlene in Central Orego
Worms that sucks yea I got I little Wethered pygmy that's just fat and round and acts like he's starving I dewormed him looked at his poop and nothing his bother is skinny and normal looking
But I think that's just how he's supposed to look

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Pygmys are always fat. Makes me wonder how they would carry a pack saddle. We named this guy Bosley. He will be in quarantine till we get his blood work done. Got one picture of him though it's not a very good one.

Now I'm going to get called on the carpet for calling pigmy's fat. I seriously want to know how they work out for you.
I like his horns. Smile There is no way to know for sure whether or not a goat has worms or cocci except by doing a fecal. It's a cheap price to pay to ensure your goat's health. As far as Pygmy goats go - I think their short legs make them look more rotund. Tongue
Goatberries Happen!
The pygmies are my wife's pet but yea ill build a packsaddle for them they should be able to carry 10lbs
And wow he's nice looking the horns look like kiko horns and the body is square looking so that's why I was looking at getting him. I think a kiko/alpine would be a good packgoat.
But you have to let us know if he had worms kiko are suppose to be parasite resistance but I do think he's got a little koko in him if I had to guess
p.s If you don't want him ill will definitely come up to Kalispell and get him
Lumpy, I will definitely keep you in the loop if he doesn't work out. I have all the goats I need except for a packer that is of age to actually carry something!! I'm hoping this guy will fit the bill right now my number one hopeful will be a year old this spring. I also like his build and it seems to me that if he isn't after the little buck in the pen I'm thinking he will be great with everyone else. Time will tell. He is a little bony in the hips but he will have to lose his winter coat to see it. His coat is more furry like the boer kids I have but I agree the horns look more kiko so I'm going with that as well. So far so good. He doesn't like walking in water lol.
He sounds like a nice boy. I hope he works out well for you!

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