Columbia Basin Packgoat Club in WA
There's a new packgoat club on the block! Check out our new website!

Columbia Basin Packgoat Club
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YAY! Thanks so much Taffy for taking the reigns and getting this up and running Smile Looks great!!!

I know there are some new and up and coming people in the area that I would like to see join us. Like Chad (NWpackgoater) who will be picking up some prospects this coming spring, feel free to join us and get to know your neighbors and put some fuel on your pack goat passion Smile
Pack Goat Prospects For Sale.

S.E. Washington (Benton City)
Very cool Taffy. When things settle down at my new job and the weather warms up, we would love to come join you on a hike!
The Columbia Basin Packgoat Club (CBPC) is officially "open for business!" Curtis King will be our herd leader/hike coordinator. If you would like to join in the fun please contact Curtis. His contact information is on our website.
Goatberries Happen!

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