Lumpy milk?
Ok so my goat is a first freshener who gave birth a few days ago she is nursing two kids she doesn't seem to be giving much milk but I didn't think much of it we didn't fully drain her udder until tonight one teat didn't seem to have much milk and the other has more but the milk was very lumpy the udder wasnt hot andthere is also no blood in it the actual udder was also not lumpy we don't think its mastitis because there was no sighn any help is much appreciated and much needed.

It sounds like it could be mastitis to me. I learned last summer that there doesn't have to be heat or blood to mean mastitis. It would be a good idea to run to your local farm supply and see if you can find a mastitis test there. The ones for cows also work for goats. My girl didn't even have lumps in her milk, she just suddenly had almost no production in one side of her udder and the mastitis test came back positive. I had to give a course of antibiotics and I spent a lot of time that weekend stripping the milk from the udder, massaging, and doing hot compresses every couple of hours until she was over the crisis. It was a lot of work for a couple of days, but it was totally worth it. Her udder came back healthy and it evened out over the course of last summer and fall until now you'd never know by looking that she had a problem.

Make sure her kids are getting enough milk. I had to supplement mine off another doe for a week or two until Petunia's production came back. If you don't have another doe in milk, then you may need to feed milk replacer or whole cows milk.

If you can't find a mastitis test today (I know it's Sunday), I would start stripping the udder and doing hot compresses and massage anyway. She may object at first, but keep at it and your doe will realize how good it feels and will enjoy it.
I agree with Nanno. It sounds like mastitis.
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