Pack Goat Ban in the Wind River Range
This is the updated link -

What you have written looks good. Thank you for doing this!
You may want to email the pdf to Larry and get his take on it.

Charlie Jennings
Great! I'll change the info to show the updated link. I did send it to Larry and already got his input. His feedback was similar to Nebs'. Thanks!

I read your tri-fold information handout on Pack Goats. Excellent. I might be doing some Pack Goat demonstrations this summer at our local Sportsmans Warehouse and REI outlet stores in Kennewick WA. I would like to get a copy of your final draft so I can hand them out like candy during demonstration talks and also post them in local sporting good stores. Can you please e- mail a copy or call me for my physical address. Thank you for your hard work that went into this. We can and will prevail in this but we must have public awareness and support.

Thank you.
Curtis King
Anyone else want to comment? I've got to get these printed up ASAP, so speak now or forever hold your peace!

Curtis: Yes, once I get the final draft done I'll make sure and send that over to you and I'll paste it here too so anyone can print it out and take it to whatever events they might be attending. If these things are going all over the country, let's make sure they look good! I don't mind a harsh editor if anyone feels it needs reworking, so bring the comments, people!
Nanno, just a couple of things. We are not just talking about "Wilderness Areas," we are talking about all "federal lands" that contain Bighorn Sheep habitat. So you might want to change that wording & substitute the word "Public Lands" for "wilderness areas."

Also, the Blue Mountain Forest Plan is not comprised of three "Forest Service Districts." Rather, it is three National Forests (the Wallowa-Whitman, the Malheur, and the Umatilla National Forests.

That's all I can think of at this time. THANK YOU SO MUCH for putting so much work into this. These things are not easy to do, especially when it is being read by such a wide audience. Thanks for keeping it short, sweet & professional!
Thanks for the help! I'll post the final draft later today.
Ok, updated document...

.pdf   Packgoat.Bans.pdf (Size: 73.87 KB / Downloads: 8)

I fixed all the little details ya'll pointed out, fixed some typos, and reworded a couple of things. I also decided not to mention any specific scientific studies because I want this to be a very accessible read, and naming studies (like using acronyms) makes it sound like jargon. I decided to get even less specific instead. If people are interested, they'll do the research.

Let me know if there's anything further to fix before I print these out!
Hey Nanno, great job! You might want to reword the following: "Three Forest Service districts in the Blue Mountain region of Oregon are currently considering a ban on packgoats but are accepting public input until August 15."
to: Three FORESTS in the Blue Mountain region of Oregon are currently considering a ban on packgoats. They are accepting public comments until August 15."
Oh yep! I changed the one on the front page but not the one on the back. Good eye. Thanks.
I'd love to see your finished product and have permission to print it off and place it in strategic locations around our area. I think it'd be good info for a number of the outdoor groups around here, too.

Nanno, in your brochure under the header of "Send "Letters" I think you should list the header of "Land Use Issues" so they know exactly where to look. I'd love to see a clickable link at the top of the website so it was front and center for whoever visits the page.
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