Proposed WAC Change
I wanted to make sure all of you heard about this proposed WAC change. As it stands now if folks come into the state and are staying 4 or less days they are not required to have a veterinary health certificate for their goats. If the WAC is changed members coming into Washington for the Rendy, outings, shows, breeding, etc. will be required to have veterinary health certificates for each goat. This would create a financial burden for members.

Here are the front and back page of the notice I received. It gives information about where to send comments and on hearing dates and locations.


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Good post Taffy. Though I never knew there was even a 4 day pass where you didnt need a HC. But it will pass I am sure.
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The 4 day time frame is a huge thing for folks with horses, goats, sheep and llamas coming into state short-term for shows, breeding, vacations, etc. It will affect those coming to the Rendy from out of state. It will also have an economic impact on the state, cities and clubs who host the events.

You're right Dave, "But it will pass I am sure."

IF we don't make our voices heard it will pass - and we will deserve it. That's why it's so important to comment on it!
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