I love fall!
Our fall weather has been gorgeous. This afternoon I hauled the goats over to one of our hay fields and we hiked along the stream that runs along the edge of it in hopes of seeing that crazy muskrat again. I saw him do a flip and dive but never saw him again.

The goats are really getting to know "what's next." I pull the truck and trailer up by their pen, put their collar, open the back door of the trailer and throw in a bunch of peanuts. In they go!

This was a new place for the goats. I try to vary the length of the drive and the locations. I figure them getting used to hauling and new places is a good thing.

We hiked from the top of the hill down to the access road that runs along the stream and then along the stream. The goats browsed along the way on alfalfa plants that are growing wild, elm trees, locust trees and whatever else looked like it was edible.

Bourbon is my "up" goat. He thinks things must taste better the higher they are off the ground.

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I've been taking the 3 boys and my two does on these trips. Poor Simba stays home. He's way too stinky! I still don't know how that can be an attractant for the does!

I'm really pleased with how Jethro, Bourbon and Banjo are turning out. They are tractable, come when called and never stray too far. I can't make a move without every goat knowing exactly what I am doing. Even when I try to sneak out of site or slowly move away. I love how "in tune" they are to me.

Here's a photo of Jethro, Bourbon, Banjo and in the back is Joules - my mini Alpine doe and my first goat. I don't know what the brown weed is that Jethro is eating but they all liked it.

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The stream running along our hay field runs year round and the water is always clear. It's a wildlife magnet. Watching the moss sway in the current is mesmerizing.

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Goatberries Happen!
What a lovely post! I swear, every time I see a picture of Jethro with his airplane ears and tri-colored coat I have to do a double-take to make sure he's not one of mine!
What n looking goats and it looked like a lovely day. Haha, your tree climbing goat is funny. Smile
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What a cool property. I always enjoy your posts and adventures!

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