Persistent cold and cough
Well, the jury's still out on whether this tonic is worth what I paid for it since Snickers is still a bit wheezy and snotty and still has a little cough. But at the same time, there's no doubt that he's noticeably improved. I wonder if it's gotten him over the hump and if another round of Draxxin might actually knock it out this time. The boys are going to the vet on Wednesday to be relieved of their manhood, so I'll discuss this chronic illness with him then.

I wonder if being wethered will help too. The rut seems to be pretty hard on these guys even when they're not breeding. Finn lost a ton of weight and quit growing the whole time the girls were penned next door. Now that I've moved the girls, Finn is shooting up again and has a much better appetite. I imagine the same stress is probably contributing to Snickers' ongoing crud, so maybe his body will heal better without the raging hormones.
I ran out of the immune support tincture on Wednesday, and Snickers has had a clear nose since then. When I had him at the vet that day for his wethering appointment, I had him look at Snickers. Of course he was totally clear and there was nothing for the vet to look at! He listened to Snickers' lungs and said they sounded great--perfectly clear and normal. Since then I haven't seen any runny nose and he hasn't been coughing. Sometime I can still hear congestions higher up in his nasal cavity while he's eating, but it's barely anything now. I hope he's finally over this nastiness!

Pac-Man still has a small amount of cough and snot, but his seems to finally be clearing up as well. Delilah looks like she's over it, and Jezebel seems much improved this morning. After all these months I think we may finally be on the brink of having a sickness-free herd!
That is awesome news!
Goatberries Happen!

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