First aid/emergency kit
Just realized I have no real set up for a short notice emergency. What do you all recommend having in a kit for the barn and maybe a trail kit as well?
A tube of activated charcoal
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I always keep a thermometer, some probiotics, Dawn dish soap (for bloat), blood stop powder or corn starch, iodine, alcohol, saline solution, a bag of ladies' sanitary pads (my go-to for bleeding wounds instead of more expensive gauze), and a few rolls of vet wrap. I also make sure I have a few various-sized syringes for drenching, as well as an assortment of needles and syringes for giving shots. I also keep a few books handy that tell what certain ailments and emergencies look like and what to do for them. Oh, and I also keep a lot of towels and old washcloths in my emergency kit. As the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy says, "A towel is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker (or goat keeper) can have." Smile
Thanks for the tips I'm getting these things together. Have most of them on hand but not in one place. Any particular books I should get?
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Goat Field First Aid Book
By Alice Berberness and Carolyn Eddy, 240 pages, paperback.

Emergencies, Urgencies, Packgoat Management, Your Supplies and how to do procedures. Systemic Diseases, Indexed

There is also a smaller field guide on the subject
I agree with Nancy. Put Alice & Carolyn's small laminated goat first aid book with your trail gear. It;s also good to have on hand at the barn!
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