Poly Dome Shelters...perfect for our goats!

Hey All,

I know Nanno has some of the Poly Dome animal shelters as posted on the old PackGoatForum. (www.PolyDome.com) Not wanting to speak for her but I believe she has been pretty happy with them and gave me permission to post about them here. Interestingly, I had also been looking for them as well at the same time she was, the closest dealer was the one she bought from in Central Colorado. (Jess...heck of a nice guy who I highly recommend who services Eastern Wyoming & Colorado.)

I looked at many options for shelters for my goats & even thought about building but I do not own the property my goats are on and wanted to keep their shelters portable. Besides holding up to goats...they also had to hold up to serious snow and wind. So for my money, I am convinced that there is a no better goat shelter available for the money....over the long and even short haul. These have a 2/7 yr warranty. (replacement/pro-rated) I think now, even if I owned my property, I don't think I would build.

Long story short...after years of waiting, Poly Dome finally has an exclusive stocking dealer serving Utah, Western Wyoming and Southern Idaho...ME. Smile There probably won't be a great deal of money in it but it should be fun and help pay some goatie bills. Shy Anyway, I made an initial stocking order of several items so if you all are or know anyone looking for some of these items in my area, please free to reach out to me.

Some additional info on them from my recent local Classified ad:
Quote:Poly Dome animal shelters are for sale in the Ogden Area (West Haven); we have in stock Round domes, Mini-Round domes, square & Big-Foot's shelters. (We can actually get anything that www.PolyDome.com has available including snow-sleds, Calf Warmers, Larger Group Shelters, and Bulk Grain bins and many other agricultural supplies.) These shelters are perfect adult & young goats as well as young calves, sheep, mini-horses or alpacas...even large dogs. In addition to permanent shelters they make perfect nurseries & birthing shelters.

Poly Dome shelters are tougher than anything available and will last for year & years to come as they are made from polyethylene plastic which is resistant to impact, most corrosive chemicals and temperature extremes. There is absolutely nothing tougher on the market! (7 year warranty) Additionally the slippery surface makes it extremely easy to clean and tough for animals to climb on top of...including goats! (Polyethylene is also environmentally friendly because it can be recycled.)

Most Poly Dome products are one-piece with no seams or sharp edges. The lightweight of polyethylene makes even large units easy to lift and move (80-100 lbs). The rounds allow you to just flip them on their sides and roll it to the desired site & then stake/re-stake them down. The Rounds are extremely wind-resistant allowing wind to just flow around them when properly staked down. The rounds also let more sunlight in than square huts. In winter, turn their door toward the sun. For summer shade, face them away from the sun.

• Made from high-impact UV stabilized polyethylene
• Weighs approximately 100 pounds or less depending on model
• Stackable
• Easy cleaning
• Easy access bottle holders available (Optional)
• Bucket holder with 2-5-quart buckets (Optional)
• Hay Feeders (Optional)
• One rod to hold bucket holder in place (Optional)
• Center adjustable flow vent

Link: A Hutch For All Seasons

Link: Testimonials

Rounds: 86" diameter x 60" high
Mini rounds: 72" diameter x 60"high
Squares: 5' wide x 6'6" long

[Image: 01313_i7zVDe1fn5t_600x450.jpg]
LOCATION: Top-of-Utah at the South base of Ben Lomond
Yes, we are very pleased with our PolyDome shelters! Worth every penny!

We unexpectedly bought a little buckling last week and had to separate him from our girls. It was extremely convenient to be able to simply pull up the stakes and roll one of our PolyDomes down the hill to the new "boys' pen". It took about 15 minutes and no special equipment for Phil and I to do the entire project. I installed hay feeders on mine to reduce waste. I'll post pictures sometime.
Hey all...

If you have ever been interested in getting what may be one of the best long term goat shelters ever or nearly any livestock shelters for that matter...now might be a GREAT time! I.E. Poly Domes

After reading the thread "Fund Raiser to support Goatpacking!!!" I was inspired tonight...nice job Charlie. So...in the interest of supporting the "Legal Fees to support NAPgA's Court Cost" I will be donating 10% of the total purchase of all Poly Dome products that are sold between today and this years Rendezvous. While I wished it could be more but there just isn't that much profit in these shelters and still have bills to pay. Blush Every bit helps the cause though I imagine. I will then donate the funds at: http://www.gofundme.com/7s4z5g

Anyway, I have several of all styles of their shelters in stock in the Ogden, Utah area.

Mini-Domes are $210 + tax (shell & vent cap only)
Regular Domes are $294 + tax (shell & vent cap only)
Square Hutch style are $294 + tax (shell & vent cap only)

For other Poly Dome items & specifics, please visit www.PolyDome.com

PM me or call (801) 815-8936...be patient if I don't pick up right away though as they are more of a hobby, I sell them by appointment only & I also have a demanding day job. I sell to Western Wyoming, Utah & Southern Idaho...sorry we do not ship or deliver unless you buy 20 or more.
LOCATION: Top-of-Utah at the South base of Ben Lomond
Awesome! This is very generous of you.

As another shout-out for PolyDomes, we had a vicious wind storm a couple of nights ago and woke up to find that our E-Z Hutch had blown away! It was staked down but apparently the shape of it caused it to catch the wind, pull up four 12" spikes, and take flight. Neither of the round PolyDomes budged. We did recover the E-Z Hutch from where it had landed in the bushes several hundred yards away and it was mostly undamaged, but I'd like to replace it with another PolyDome whenever we can afford it.
That's a generous offer Tou. Thank you!
Goatberries Happen!
These domes are nice. REALLY NICE. And the price is good too. Compared to calf hutches, those sell for $300+ in our area last time I checked and I would prefer PolyDomes.

One thing that I have learned about TOU since knowing him is that everything he does is first class and well-researched. He can be trusted in my opinion.
Yeah, the two brand new PolyDomes we bought were still cheaper than the used E-Z Hutch we got the year before, and they're way nicer in my opinion.
I realized I'd forgotten to post pictures of the hay feeders I installed on my PolyDome shelters. PolyDome makes feeders that are very easy to bolt to the sides of your shed. All you have to do is measure, cut three holes in the side (template provided), and bolt the feeder over top them. I put two feeders on each shed.

The feeder from the outside. Simply drop a flake in and close the lid. I added clips to my feeder lids to keep them shut against wind and curious goats.

Works for really big goats too!
Hey All,

Some of you know me, Ken Harrison, I'm the distributor for Poly Dome products in Utah, Southern Idaho & Western Wyoming. (www.polydome.com) I have some brand new POLY DOME shelters of various kinds that I'm going to clear out before winter to free up space. Hence, I thought I would offer them to PackGoatCentral, Pack Goat User Group & NAPgA folks at clearance prices first before the public. Not to be cheesey but I'm not allowed to post prices other than MSRP. If interested, just contact me & mention this thread.

Once they're gone they're gone...and the new year will bring new prices.
  • Mini-Dome (translucent)...are all gone!
  • Opaque Mini-Domes left.
  • High Door Round Domes (translucent)
  • Square Shelters (translucent)
  • Big Foot Square (Opaque)
Feel free to contact me by PM or at (8ZERO1) EIGHT1FIVE-8NINE3SIX if you are in or around the Salt Lake/Ogden area or Southern Idaho. Sorry no delivery, they will need to be picked up.


LOCATION: Top-of-Utah at the South base of Ben Lomond
Hey All,

How goes it? Just a quick note to let you all know that I am no longer going to be carrying the Poly Dome line of products. Awesome products but not something I can stock as my business changes. 

Hence...everything I have in stock is 20% off...basically seling at my cost. When all shelters and grain/bulk bins are gone...they are gone with no more to come. (Next closest dealer is near Denver & Seattle.) So if you have been waiting for a deal and are in the Utah or Southern Idaho area, this is it...let me know & I will hook you up with a great deal. All sales final...must be picked up near Ogden...no shipping

(801) 989-0377
LOCATION: Top-of-Utah at the South base of Ben Lomond

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