Teaching your goats to read?
I was in the chat room and suggested we install a keyboard in the goat pen so they could chat too ... which lead me to this:


I wonder how goats would do with that ...

I am sure our goats could be taught to "read" just like the dog.

I Googled animal intelligence ranking. Dogs are #6 on the list and sheep are #17. Goats weren't listed in the top 25. I think goats are MUCH smarter than sheep. Below is what they said about sheep.

"Of all the animals, sheep are believed to possess the most powerful memories with some research showing them to be better than humans in certain situations. For example, they have the ability to identify when a fellow sheep is lost in their flock. Moreover, they exhibit a wide range of emotions and response to various things going on around them which also shows a high level of intelligence."
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I would guess parrots, pigs and goats would be in the top 5 Smile
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I've seen lists that has goats in the top 5. Like anything else, someone can take one set of test results and turn and twist results to get whatever outcome they wish.

At least we know how smart they are!
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Well, we all KNOW our goats are #1 in the smartness scale!
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Well their are people out there who can train any animal to do any thing. Not me, but I do have 2 g. shepherds who knows...sign language , head nods and of course the.....look. The soon to be mine, Kinder Goats I will be getting this spring, will learn all that also. Smile
Well Taffy i think your statement is right like goats could be taught just like the dog.Thanks!!


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