Dwarf goats walking distance?
Hi there! I’m new to this site. 
I’m considering getting packgoats for all my wilderness adventures, and was winding if anyone out there hikes long distances with Nigerian dwarf goats? Either for packing or just for milk? I like the convenience of a smaller goat but would not consider if they are not strong enough to hike as far as larger goats. 
I’d love to hear thoughts/ experiences!
In my experience they don't walk nearly as far or as efficiently as larger goats. Their legs are just plain too short, and they have a very stocky, round build and tend to waddle a bit, which makes them inefficient walkers. It's not to say they can't do their share on fairly easy day hikes, but I would not count on them for long distances carrying a load. They also don't give much milk, and they don't tend to stay in milk for very long. They have a short lactation cycle, so counting on them to produce milk while hiking is probably not realistic. I'm sure there are individuals out there who could do the job, but in general I would say they are not well-suited to the task. I think of Nigerians as the toy breed of the dairy goat world. If you go to a dairy goat show and see them in the final lineup next to Saanens and LaManchas and other full-sized breeds you'll immediately see what I mean. They are cute, but they are not terribly practical if you want a working animal. I personally do not think being smaller makes them convenient. They are actually harder to control in my opinion because they are so low to the ground. I have to bend over further to grab them, and their low center of gravity coupled with their brick-like build actually makes it easier for them to pull you over compared to larger goats. At least, that is my opinion and experience, but I'm sure others who love Nigerians would disagree. Nigerian/full-sized crosses, on the other hand, can be really nice. They're usually a medium size with a sturdy build, and they have enough of the full-sized breed characteristics to pull them out of the "toy breed" category and put them into the working class.

Good luck!
Thank you so much for your thoughtful response!
It addressed exactly what I was wondering about Smile
Really helps me look for the right goats! Thank you very much.

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